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  1. hardrock2401

    hardrock2401 Member

    Hey guys,

    Just picked up an optimus g today and am wondering if there is any difference in cases bewtween the sprint version and the at&t version.


  2. kmp

    kmp New Member

    Yes. The AT&T phone is slightly wider and shorter.
  3. brianrudy

    brianrudy Member

    I have the Diztronic matte black tpu case for my AT&T LGOG and I love it! Its slim, fits snugly and has a nice matte feel. I hope LG will develop a bumper for the AT&T LGOG like they did for the Sprint one so I can show that beautiful backside, but until then I highly recommend the Diztronic!
  4. rmreid

    rmreid Well-Known Member

    Love the phone so far (had it for 2 days) don't like that there are not many cases available for it :(
    - Paid $26 today to put something on it so I bought the Belkin bumper at the local AT&T store, which was all they had in stock. A little bulky but it will suffice until I find something else ......

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