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  1. ibm650

    ibm650 Member

    looking for the simple, atari games like missile command, tempest (I know there are space invaders and pong)

  2. neyel8r

    neyel8r Well-Known Member

    i am too. but, sadly, they don't seem to exist :( ...yet :D
  3. gregs887

    gregs887 Well-Known Member

    Missile command would be badass. Hopefully something comes down the pipe soon!
  4. MJM128

    MJM128 Well-Known Member

    An atari emulator would be nice. Would love to play major motion and rob on it! (major motion was one of the best games I played and grew up on)

    Also a MSdos emulator would be cool too for overkill, electroman, and heartlight.
  5. neyel8r

    neyel8r Well-Known Member

    well since many of the best Atari games were originally arcade games, i suppose a MAME emulator might be almost as good... & i know those already exist for Android :)
  6. Gareee

    Gareee Well-Known Member

    I thought there was no mame port to the android yet?
  7. DROIDing

    DROIDing Well-Known Member

    I thought I saw an Atari emulator on Dope Roms last night when I was searching around?

    I am brand new to emulators AND Android (less than a week, just bought the Droid 2) so I am curious about all the possibilities with Emulators as well. Having a phone and being able to watch movies, play games, and stream media means road trips, flights, and long waits in a doctor's office will be awesome from here on out!

    PS: Speaking of which, I have a huge DVD collection and rip many of them to .iso files to play with VLC media player while I'm out and about, what file type or program should I use to convert my DVDs into playable files for the Droid 2?
    PPS: Sorry, I'm truly not meaning to hijack the thread, but is streaming Netflix or watching Hulu possible at all on the Droid 2 with Froyo?
  8. tomas_skare

    tomas_skare Member

    As for Tempest, I'm working on a Tempest 2000 clone, called Cyclone 2000. I recently put the first (beta) version up on Android Market.

    I gladly accept bug reports or suggestions on how to make it better.
  9. darkuni

    darkuni Well-Known Member

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