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    Thanks to the folks over at forum.TabletPC someone managed to find a russian site that stripped down the ATIV Q to see what it is made of. Interesting pics and more interesting to note is the use of the newer M.2 SATA SSD rather than the usual mSATA ones.

    Please Note: You will need to use Google Translate to translate the page from Russian to English to get a somewhat idea of what the posts is saying.

    Also to note is that so far that we know of there will be two versions of the Q.
    Model NP980Q3G-K01 and NP980Q3G-K03 (these the UK versions on Amazon).

    The K01 seems to be the one that Samsung has mentioned everywhere, but the K03 is a mystery. Could it be a more ram model? To early to tell, but if history is any indication, Samsung has made numerous versions of the 500T and 700T which the ATIV Q will replace.

    Rumor has it that on August 21st the presales go bye bye and the product goes live for sale on Amazon and international sites. That is just a few weeks away. :eek:

    Time for me to put up my 500T for sale. :D

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    Looking forward to reading more of these.

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