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Atrix 2 losing signal - red circle or cross symbolGeneral

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  1. shutterbug22

    shutterbug22 Member

    I got my Atrix 2 a couple of weeks ago and I really like the phone. However, I've noticed that randomly I will completely lose signal and in place of a 4G symbol with bars I will have either a red circle with a line through it or a gray box with a red cross in it. This has happened even in places where I would normally have signal. I have these symbols and no signal for a short period of time (a few seconds to a minute or so) and then my signal will come back.

    Has anyone else experienced this? I don't know if this is a phone or an ATT issue.

    I search and it seems that owners of the original Atrix had a similar problem.

    Thank you!

  2. okbeast

    okbeast Well-Known Member

    I have had it happen a few times but it has been in areas where I'd had sketchy service with my BB.
  3. Freakshow999

    Freakshow999 Active Member

    Try a hard reset (battery pull) if it still happens and it's only momentary your probably in an area where the towers are far between and the phone is just switching towers.
  4. colnago

    colnago Well-Known Member

    FWIW, my co-worker just picked up the Atrix 2 yesterday, after going through a few of the latest Android phones from AT&T, and he says that the Atrix has provided the best reception so far (comparing Inspire, Galaxy, and some Windows phone). Most all carriers have pretty bad reception in our building (just outside of D.C.), save for T-Mobile. That said, my T-Mobile branded Motorla Defy (which has AT&T 3G radio) is consistently holding ~12dBm better signal than the Atrix 2, while in the same spots.
  5. chgachet

    chgachet Active Member

    same thing is happening to my phone, loosing sgnal at home, first time happening, now is also occuring at work...I really like the phone but I am loosing faith....trade for sgs2 skyrocket?????:mad:
  6. Mommycandy

    Mommycandy New Member

    I have had an Atrix for 3 months and just got an Atrix 2 a few days ago because my other phone got wet when I was jogging and fried. Anyways my new Atrix 2 is randomly losing signal it goes from 2-3 bars and 4g to nothing. Circle with a line through it. I can only get it back by powering off and back on. I never had this issue with my other phone and the 2 other Atrix don't have issues. :mad: .... Anyone know what it MIT be? I even got a new sim from AT&T. Thought it was good and then I wake up this morning to no signal again!
  7. jswiss8608

    jswiss8608 Member

    I as well have noticed this a few times. although I just figured it was due to me traveling when it happened. I have only had the phone for about a week and I love it. Hope this does not continue to happen.
  8. SAshcroft

    SAshcroft New Member

    I had this happeneing and called ATT they did a clear of my profile on their end and It has greatly improved - the signal still goes real low sometimes but so far no red X and I dont think I have lost connectivity.
  9. danzemaitis

    danzemaitis New Member

    i've had this problem too, and i've found that if i put the phone in airplane mode and wait until the widget say 'on', then try and make a call and it says "can't call in airplane mode, would you like to exit, etc...", say yes and let it try to make a call. you may need to do it twice, but it usually forces the phone to re-connect to the network. gonna try the profile reset thing mentioned above, will update and let yall know how it goes.
  10. hungtdao

    hungtdao New Member

    I always have this same experience after using it for a few months. Signal dropped and shown stop cross bar icon. Even sometimes it shown strength signal bar but I could not make any outgoing call, so I expected I could not receive incoming calls neither. While at the same position and same place, my son's regular phone (not smart phone) did not have this same type of problem. No matter what I tried... reboot, take off the battery, but the phone still failed frequently. I saw there is another website that many people having this problem, then they flash ROM update. This is something scary to do, but I might have to try it since I am fed up with this problem on Atrix.
  11. zrhodes

    zrhodes New Member

    i had this problem maybe twice a week before the newest update. i updated hoping that they fixed this problem now i get the same problem once or twice a day... :(:confused::mad:

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