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  1. Socrat3s

    Socrat3s Well-Known Member

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  2. tyneusch

    tyneusch Well-Known Member

    has anyone tested this to make sure it works?
  3. KSP1138

    KSP1138 New Member

    I rooted my Atrix 2 yesterday evening using this. At first, it would not work. But after a battery pull, it did perfectly. I then dld Bionic Bootstrap, and installed the pro version of Titanium Backup. Giddy but not sure what to do next!
  4. 916x10

    916x10 Well-Known Member

    Not really much to do with a rooted Atrix 2 yet but get and use apps that call for root access. We don't have a fully functioning recovery so no roms/themes or mods can be flashed yet.
  5. VentureForth

    VentureForth Well-Known Member

    Some instructions to go along with that zip would be helpful (though they may be included as a readme in the zip):
    Extract the zip to a folder where you can find it.
    From the main menu, tap on the menu button and tap on Settings.
    Tap on Applications.
    Ensure that the Unknown sources box is checked.
    Tap Development
    Ensure that the USB debugging box is checked.
    Plug phone in to USB port on your PC.
    Slide notification bar down and tap on the USB Connection notification.
    Select "Charge Only".
    Run the "runthis" app (can't remember if that's the name of it) from the folder you extracted the zip file to.

    Watch and wait. If your screen shuts off, you can turn it back on by tapping the power button on top. Eventually, it should reboot on its own and when the PC app tells you it's done, you're good to go! Worked first try for me with no errors. Immediately installed TIBU and it works great.

    Good luck! If these instructions are wrong, please feel free to update/adjust as required.
  6. 916x10

    916x10 Well-Known Member

    The file you run is "runme.bat"
  7. VentureForth

    VentureForth Well-Known Member

    Thanks. Was close..
  8. 918Dmoc

    918Dmoc New Member

    Well does it work
  9. OKNightOwl

    OKNightOwl New Member

    My Results are it does not work for me. See attached file

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  10. Rockstarmarine

    Rockstarmarine New Member

    Im hitting a wall trying to root my Atrix 2. I keep getting "waiting for device" and 'adb' is not recognized as an internal or external command operable program or batch file.

    I have unknown sources checked and USB debugging checked.

    No idea why i cant root this phone.
  11. Gracie10

    Gracie10 Member

    Thanks for the 1 click Socrat3s! It said it was successful so now I am going to try it out. It was so easy thanks to you VentureForth. You gave great instructions.
  12. ChrisRuns2012

    ChrisRuns2012 Member

    I rooted my Atrix 2 using this exact method about...3 weeks ago. It works. I've uninstalled most of the bloatware, and have superuser, TI and etc. installed. The only thing I'm wary of is the new update for your Atrix 2 from ATT, (FEB 2) might not work if you have your phone rooted...not sure...I need help with this. haha
  13. mcapilot

    mcapilot New Member

    I updated with out even thinking and the root does not work after the update.

    Some programs will say it has permission granted, but was the program starts it says the program requires a root.

    I want to unroot until a version is available for 2.3.6 I originally used the 1 click exploit method not the superoneclick way. Any help would be appreciated.

  14. ChrisRuns2012

    ChrisRuns2012 Member

    I actually used the 1-click method. My bad.

    But it won't update for me. At all. I've even reset the phone to factory settings...
  15. 916x10

    916x10 Well-Known Member

    It will work if you're rooted, but if you have done what most of us who root do and removed bloatware then the update will fail because it needs to update the bloatware as well. So you're gonna have to flash the 2.3.5 FXZ first then do the update, then root again.

    There is another one click root exploit out now, it's even faster than the first one click method was, waaaay faster.

    2.3.6 Root exploit

    Connect your phone to your comp
    Unzip the file and then double-click "Click-To-Root.bat".
    Enjoy your rooted 2.3.6! ;)

    That exploit no longer works. You've gotta use the one listed above
  16. rohitrocks313

    rohitrocks313 Member

    How can I root my Atrix 2 running ICS.?
  17. skearton

    skearton Well-Known Member

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