Atrix 2 WILL NOT connect to pc at all URGENT HELPSupport

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  1. CTH

    CTH New Member

    My atrix 2 will not connect to my computer at all. i can hook up my brothers htc to my computer with the same cord and no problems. downloaded motorola driver multiple times and no change. my phone will only charge and doesn't show any usb thing in the notification bar. i have tried with usb debugging on and off. please help.. any comment will be appreciated. thank you

  2. Gracie10

    Gracie10 Member

    When you connect to your computer, do you pull down the notification bar at the top of the Atrix phone screen? If so, then you might need to change your port on the computer.
  3. macgiobuin

    macgiobuin Well-Known Member

    2 suggestions that helped me: make sue you have at least an 80% matters on some computers (don't know why) AND turn your phone offand then back on just before connecting to your computer. Apparently some background apps interfere with the connection and re-starting your phone re-sets them as well.
  4. omahawk123

    omahawk123 Member

    Do you have the most recent update? If you do not, I would suggest getting it. If you continue to have the same problem after updating you will need to backup your phone with one of the apps from the android market and do a factory reset completely erasing your sdcard, this is what I had to do and now I don't have any of the missing app, missing pictures/videos or save to SD card errors that I had before.

    Do the factory reset as a last resort. The update to 2.3.6 should fix a lot of the problems you are seeing.
  5. 916x10

    916x10 Well-Known Member

    Is this something that just started out of the blue or did u modify something and then noticed the problem?
  6. omahawk123

    omahawk123 Member

    I have also found that the following apps cause my phone to have sd card errors.

    Evernote, Bejeweled 2, AT&T QR Reader

    I will update the list as I run across others.
  7. neez99

    neez99 New Member

    Just checked out same problem with the guys from whom I bought the phone. BAD usb cord. I think some are charge only.
  8. user6231

    user6231 New Member

    change the setting under USB options

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