Atrix 4g Lifespan.

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  1. cannon11

    cannon11 Well-Known Member

    So i'm not talking about battery life, I'm talking about how long will this phone last until somthing happens to it that makes it pretty much un usable. (not dropping it)

    Has anybody who has has this phone for a year or so experienced any major problems that occurs down the road with this device? I treat my devices well, Is this phone going to keep working until I decide to get somthing else?
    Are some of the phones problems just because of the OS and not because of the phone itself? I hear people say it reboots sometimes.

    So will this phone last as long as you want it too? Do major problems occur down the road?

  2. itsallgood

    itsallgood Well-Known Member

    I have had mine since April 2011 and to date, with all the accessories, believe its the best. I have not had to do any Factory Resets, even with 3 updates. (It would be wise to do one though.) My phone does reboot every so often when just setting there, with no activity from me. (I noticed this mostly when It hasn't been powered off in a few days.) My finger print scanner isn't working as good as it use to. (A factory reset would probably fix this.) It works sometimes now.

    So to answer your question, I think it will last you until your next phone. Keep your memory clean and not low, you shouldn't have a problem. I have the Lapdock and Standard dock. I don't plan on changing phone no time soon. (Of course, I decided that before I purchased the two docks.)
  3. PDT816

    PDT816 Member

    We got 3 Atrix 4Gs the week they launched. No problems on our end in 18 months.

    I've noticed mine reboot maybe 15 times. Seemed like an app triggered the event each time.
  4. Bunjiweb

    Bunjiweb Well-Known Member

    Same here - no problems at all and had it since it was first available in the UK. All updates well well and the hardware is mostly holding up nicely. I say mostly because the fingerprint-reader has become rather inconsistent and so I usually use PIN unlock instead.

    I have 2 friends with the Atrix also (they copied me!) and only one had a couple of problems, which we put down to the gingerbread update not applying properly. We did a clean boot using the recovery menu and ever since then it has been fault-free.

  5. chowmailap

    chowmailap Well-Known Member

    I got mine the day it came out. Never had a problem with the phone itself. Service was a different story.
  6. Japanorama

    Japanorama Well-Known Member

    Had mine since Feb 2012 - bought it used from a Craigslist owner. Had one issue with booting, sent it in to Motorola, and they replaced me with a new (probably refurbished) one. Also have a mysterious extension in warranty till May 7 2013. I have seen about 20 random reboots since then, but hey, I got it for $120 off contract. Not too shabby!
  7. diqkiq

    diqkiq Member

    I preordered mine at the launch of the device. I see random reboots as well. I have had to replace mine once after about 6 months of use. the finger print reader would get extremely hot. I have had a case for this phone since day 1 and has never been abused or gotten wet. I like the phone alot. it does stall occasionally while in use which is annoying. I feel Motorola has an edge over the others due to them building very durable electronics for a long time.

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