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  1. jsipes

    jsipes Active Member

    Anyone else out there having issues with the Atrix 4G running slowly? Not just a random occurrence, but something that's becoming more frequent. I clicked on an app, it froze so I pulled the battery after waiting a few minutes. Even after that, it just seems to be not as "snappy" as it used to.

  2. WolfmanRobby

    WolfmanRobby Well-Known Member

    Android devices can do this from time to time, just like a Windows PC.

    Usually, it's because of an app, or background process that is "Acting up."

    I recommend downloading the Free app "Elixir2" from the market:

    Use it and look at the processes and apps running in the background. See if one of them is using a large amount of memory, or taking up chunks of CPU.

    Once you think you've found the culprit(s), Try doing a force close. If that does not help, clear data on the app. If that still does not help, uninstall the app.
    I've had odd apps have their data corrupt and cause them to slow down the device. Others, I had to clear the data, uninstall, reboot, then re-install the app before it behaved right again.
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  3. jsipes

    jsipes Active Member

    Thanks for the info! 'Preciate it.

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