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Atrix doesn't receive some MMSSupport

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  1. asull238

    asull238 New Member

    This is a very strange problem. My Atrix is being very moody and doesn't receive certain MMS (all picture messages). Sometimes it receives them and sometimes it doesn't. I have tried turning on and off Wifi. I turned off Advanced Task Killer. It doesn't have a pattern either (like not receiving from iPhones or from the same people). A red circle with a black x pops up in my notifications bar and when I open the message, there is a grey download box. When I click download, it says "downloading" for a few seconds and then doesn't download it. HELP!!!

  2. damewolf13

    damewolf13 live~laugh~love VIP Member

    Welcome to Android Forums, Asull238!:)
    That is quite curious. Have you tried calling your service provider and speaking to a technician? Usually they are pretty good about figuring out what the problem is and talking you through it.
  3. asull238

    asull238 New Member

    I haven't, but I'll do that tomorrow. Thanks!
  4. Rose_v73

    Rose_v73 New Member

    Was there ever a resolution to this discussion. My Motorola Atrix is now doing this with some of my boyfriends photo messages from his I-Phone 5S. (not all photo messages from him though) Its like Asull238 said, it receives some but not all. I am also having the issue of my phone automatically sending and receiving text messages multiple times. If you have any resolutins or opinions on thess topice i would be greatly apreciated. Thanks

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