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  1. cmic1982

    cmic1982 Member

    Can someone please help. If u have jelly bean and root. Can somebody explain when to press power&vol up and am I supposed to hold it. I'm new with seems like everything else is fine. It installs fake pacage . Said sucsess prepairing for exploit then loads bytes in .015 .233 .513 .031 s then please trigger bug report I've been trying since this came out. I've factory reset cleared cashe everything but I can't get no special vibration. So please help me. I'm a master auto tech if u have car problems. I will pay....

  2. Masterburt

    Masterburt New Member

    Ive been trying to figure this out for a week now. Im having the same problem! CANNOT trigger bug report! Please help us!!!
  3. huiperkuiper

    huiperkuiper New Member

    I'm having the same problem! Please help!
  4. Azeurus

    Azeurus New Member

    Good to see im not alone. Has anyone made any headway?? lol

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