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  1. bluebeetle52

    bluebeetle52 New Member

    Hello, so I've looked through the forums and there's nothing pertaining to my particular problem, so I figured I'd ask for help.

    I recently got an Atrix HD and it's been working without so much as a problem for several weeks, until this morning. The phone is displaying a "No sim card|emergency calls only" error. I've had this problem with other phones in the past and know that usually turning the phone off, removing the card, replacing and turning it back on is usually the fix, this time however that is not the case.

    AT&T is my carrier.
    I am still able to connect to Wi-Fi

    I know that there is always the option of the factory reset, however I have a few pictures I would like to save from the wipe that this entails. Is there anything anyone can do to help? I am aware of course that I can go to my nearest tech center, however I don't own a car and am quite far away from the nearest store.

  2. bluebeetle52

    bluebeetle52 New Member

    Update Factory Restore has done nothing to solve the problem *sigh*
  3. James_Bond

    James_Bond Well-Known Member


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