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atrix lost root with 2.3.6 upgrade

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  1. racypdx

    racypdx Member

    just got the phone. love it. rooted it with a one-click program. perfect. started loading programs. then decided to check for system upgrades, not knowing what it really did.

    not root. apps broken or not showing up.

    - How can i root this new 2.3.6 ?

    - or how can i revert to 2.3.4, which worked perfectly and came with t he phone?

    I only had it rooted for a couple days, so i hadn't backed up anything yet - which means i didn't know how yet.

    is there anything i can do?

    thank you, all.

  2. arana

    arana Member

    try running the same one click app again.

    i also have the 2.3.4 and dont want to update until i know exactly how to root, and when i am sure my webtop hack will still work
  3. arana

    arana Member

    repeated reply, dont know how to delete, please mods delete this one
  4. racypdx

    racypdx Member

    trust me, i tried Pete's one-click root as soon as i realized what happened. no go. Fails. they must have fixed the exploit. sofar, there's about zilch on the net regarding this problem.

  5. idjpg85

    idjpg85 New Member

    Guide can be found @ androidadvices dot com/root-motorola-atrix-4g-45141-gingerbread-236-firmware/2/

    Had to use the alt method but it worked great, hope it helps!
  6. racypdx

    racypdx Member

    you rock! i am saved. thankyou, worked first time.
  7. fillefilander

    fillefilander New Member

    It doesn't work for me, I can't get past this bit:

    "After this, your phone will be rebooted. Wait for the phone to get rebooted and then you need to type in the command as
  8. djedgarftw

    djedgarftw Well-Known Member

    Keep on going and make sure you put it in debugging mode before you go into fastboot at the beginning

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