Atrix or Desire s or xperia arc?

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  1. alif01

    alif01 New Member

    Guys i wanna buy a new please suggest me which one i should go for.

  2. pale99

    pale99 Member

    Atrix! Better than SE Xperia Arc end HTC Desire.
  3. xiesheng

    xiesheng Member

    Atrix with no second thoughts!Atrix>>HTC Desire/Xperia Arc
  4. John I

    John I Well-Known Member

    If you can wait just a couple of months I'd go for a Galaxy S III. That will be my Atrix replacement this fall.
  5. velcis

    velcis Member

    I have a Xperia Arc and an Atrix.
    Atrix best hardware, arc better camera and design, so.

    ATRIX :D

    But arc is more customizable by ROMs.

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