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Atrix reboot issues!Support

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  1. Vicpdx18

    Vicpdx18 Member

    I have a Motorola atrix 4G that after the 4.5.141 update it got finicky. I notice my Atrix now reboots itself and all I do is have two background app's plus one app open. It got to the point where I saw up to 3 reboots per night for the last 8 days and the first time after the update it would not turn on at all until later in the day. I went to At&t they reset the phone but not replaced it since i was up on my 1 Year warranty though At&t. So I contacted Motorola(Still have a warranty though Motorola) and they transferred me to level 2 support and they concluded that my phone needs to be sent in to be "examined". My question is how many people are experiencing this problem and any tries to fix? Also how many have just gone with replacing the phone and what have your experience been after replacement?

    Note: This phone is carrier unlocked but was never rooted and has not had a corporate email set up.

  2. airprakken

    airprakken Member

    Same problem. Started rebooting after the 141 upgrade, although I didn't notice it until the last few days. Yesterday I did a factory data wipe and it got MUCH worse -- rebooting every 10 minutes last night. Wiped data again and it rebooted only once overnight.

    Started doing it again this morning. I just did a factory hard reset and am waiting with no new apps installed to see how it works.

    -- UPDATE -- waited about an hour with no problems. Started installing a few apps. Rebooted at the end of installing Dolphin HD. One more reboot since then. Only about 10 apps installed but use 2 different PDF viewers to view big images and they use a lot of memory. No problems with this before the 141 'upgrade'.

    Just tried viewing a small PDF file and it crashed/rebooted. This sucks.

    -- UPDATE --

    So I did a cache clean after all of the above and it was stable for quite a few hours. Now, next day, it is rebooting every couple of hours. Studying SBF flash now but uncertain.

    BRuTAL_HiTMAN_ New Member

    check your task managers, do you guys have gmail running? is it chewing up your CPU? im currently have the same problem, but i suspect it's the gmail app, it's using 75~92% of my CPU, and i can't get it to stop... if i close it, it comes back.
  4. Vicpdx18

    Vicpdx18 Member

    Well what I did was I usually would close as much apps as possible to keep background apps closed but I still had the problem. So I ended up just sending it into Motorola. They received it 3/12 and as of 3/15 the status of the repair is still "in process" so I will see what Motorola has to say about the restarting issue and report back.

    Also to the many viewers out their if you do have the issue feel free to post on this thread what was your experience when this issue happened?
  5. billy1981

    billy1981 Member

    Same reboot issues here about twice a week. Mine will also load forever and show no internet connection on data and wifi until I reboot it. All Started after last update. My wife also has the atrix 4g with no issues after the update
  6. Vicpdx18

    Vicpdx18 Member

    Update: 3/16/12:
    Turns out on my repair status on the Motorola website they concluded that my restarting issues were apparent when tested and is currently getting repaired.
  7. aajimmyd

    aajimmyd Member

    I was due for an upgrade a few weeks ago so I picked up the Atrix 2 and updated to the latest version 2.3.6 I experienced several reboots and also was unhappy with not being able to Skype so I took the phone back. Then just a few days ago my Atrix 1 rebooted and it never used to reboot so I hope this doesn't start to become a issue.
  8. atrixjay

    atrixjay New Member

    My Atrix is also doing the WiFi reboot. It just started tonight. I will give it a day and then try to update to an iphone.
  9. itsallgood

    itsallgood Well-Known Member

    The reboot issue is well know after the GB update. My Atrix 4G didn't do this until I upgraded to the current GB OS. It doesn't happen that often, maybe once a week or so. I make sure I power off my phone everynight and pull the battery once a week. This seems to have helped.
  10. Atrix4joshua

    Atrix4joshua New Member

    I have noticed it alot at times then at times it doesn't seem to do it. I will be working out at the gym and my music will stop and look at my phone and its shut down. The bad part is it won't reboot on its own i have to power it on. This got me thinking maybe its the battery because if it was reboot it should go through the whole process. Where like when it runs out of battery you have to power up. So I got to looking and noticed the battery sits a lil loose and there is a lil gap between the top of the case and battery. I have placed something there to keep it tight hoping this will help. I will keep you informed of the results.
  11. itsallgood

    itsallgood Well-Known Member

    That sounds like the same problem I had with my Motorola Backflip.
  12. fpatera

    fpatera Member

    Hi all!

    i have a Motorola Atrix from 1 month bought with GB and i never have a problem until yestarday. Yestarday i used my phone in multimedia dock and i put for the first time a lot of music in SD card.

    When i put off the phone from the dock start problem with rebootin' system. It reboot every 5/10 minutes.

    Now i delete a lot of that music that i put in SD, and i let only a 16 songs that i like more, and i put off all app that i selected for automatic close.

    Phone now are stable.. I hope that it can be for a long time.
    Can be the problem the great numer of song in sd card?


    Another 2 reboot, is not the music :D
  13. Atrix4joshua

    Atrix4joshua New Member

    Ok all so that seemed to fix it for awhile. All day that day I didn't have a problem up unitl I went to the gym and listened to music through headphones. I am wondering if the media player I was using which I thought was just the plain factory player was causeing it. I have noticed after every gym day and listening to music when I get to my truck and look at my phone it has shut down.
  14. evilbastard

    evilbastard Well-Known Member

    Well I started experiencing the random reboots yesterday. I am on latest updates, and thought maybe because I am rooted? But a friend has an Atrix which is not rooted/unlocked and he is on the latest updates as well. What is interesting is we both started experiencing the reboots starting yesterday.

    It seems to me that it could be a Network issue, kind of random that we would both start getting the reboots starting the same day.
  15. fpatera

    fpatera Member

    i read somewhere that can be some of the "official" app (like google search for example) that with new updates give some problem. If you and your friend start having problem the same day can be that you and him update some app of that. Do you remember if you made some update from play store of google?
  16. evilbastard

    evilbastard Well-Known Member

    He doesn't update his phone as often as I do. I updated to the latest firmware weeks ago, and he only update his firmware last weekend. I'm sure he hasn't updated his apps, because he probably isn't even aware of Google Play.
  17. Vicpdx18

    Vicpdx18 Member

    Hey everyone!
    Sorry i haven't monitoring this in a awhile. After I got my phone back from Motorola my atrix stopped rebooting which is good news!. I loaded a custom ROM on my other phone my inspire and had issues with video playback so i would turn to my atrix for that since i would use it as my back up phone and so far nothing no reboots or anything and i even tried what I did before to make it reboot still nothing so its like Motorola knows whats wrong with the atrix's.
  18. fpatera

    fpatera Member

    This is a good news, now i contact motorola and i start to annoying them
  19. Vicpdx18

    Vicpdx18 Member

    Good idea! well i dont know really if it is or not but just remember if your atrix is under Motorola warranty still then they will tell you to ship it in for the reboot issues and fix it for no cost(under Warranty).
  20. lsterman

    lsterman New Member

    After reading another thread on this subject where people had some success in solving this problem by replacing the sim card, I went to the AT&T store and got a replacement sim. It seems to have fixed the rebooting and a variety of other problems that I was experiencing.
  21. fpatera

    fpatera Member

    i sent my phone to motorola in italy, but it come to me with the problem of reboot not solved. :(

    I have a solution... kick your phone from the window, and buy Samsung S3

    Cya and thanks all! :p
  22. Littlebigfish

    Littlebigfish New Member

    I had the same loop restarting problem with my Atrix 4G right after I updated to Gingerbread. I called AT&T tech support since the phone was still on the one year warranty. The very nice technician I spoke to walked me through every single step of the hard reset process and waited patiently with me for a really long time for the sluggish phone to respond. After numerous tries and numerous failures I finally got the factory reset done, it took me at least five hours to do that. After the wipe the phone had a clean Gingerbread system and functioned without a problem. I was relieved and started installing some apps again, some of them require running in the background occasionally, nothing too intense. But the phone became sluggish again after a certain amount of apps was installed, and this morning it started to do the loop restart thing again. This time I suspected it was a simple RAM problem. The phone actually CAN'T handle that many apps running simultaneously and when that happens it slows down and eventually starts restarting. So I hit the power button as soon as it restarted again and chose "turn off phone" before it got a chance to load the RAM with all those apps. It turned off and stayed off, turned back on once, I did the same thing. I left it charging and went to cook lunch, when I came back to check on it, it turned itself back on again. But this time, it started up and loaded everything without a problem. Probably took it a long time to do that but it made it eventually. I went into my app manager and started deleting apps and kept only the essential ones. I deleted most of the games since a lot of them have junk processes running in the background every now and then without you knowing. The phone seems to be in good shape now.

    Here's a few things I've learned so far:

    1. When the phone starts to slow down, it's an indicator that it can't handle the tasks right. Delete unecessary apps or RAM demanding apps and games would usually help, don't wait until it starts loop restarting. You'll know that the phone is in good shape once it starts running faster.

    2. Summer is coming and Atrix DOES tend to heat up. High temperature affects CPU performance and it doesn't matter if it's a phone or a computer. I took off my Otterbox Defender case because it's too warm a jacket for the phone in the summer. And I kept the phone in a cool place when it's charging. Both seemed to help.

    Most importantly, I've learned that Google is really not as responsible as we assume it is when it comes to Adroid development. I hate to say it. But it's true. The numerous problems that occured only after the system update proved that the hardware is not the one to blame but the software. They really screwed up. You DON'T screw up a phone operating system like that because it could actually put people's lives in danger. We've all come to rely on our cells and bringing an unstable phone with me means when it overheats I can't even call AAA if my car breaks down. Blackberry never left me hanging like that, nor did iPhone or Windows Phone. Just Android.
  23. vjkrishna1

    vjkrishna1 New Member

    I have the same reboot issues with my atrix 4g for past few weeks. it s annoying when the phone reboots when we are in middle of some work. I will contact the ATT or Motorola customer service and send my phone to fix the problem.
  24. ajguerrero

    ajguerrero New Member

    hey everyone,

    my atrix 4g has been restarting itself every 10 minutes or so for no apparent reason... besides this very annoying issue, the phone is working perfectly... i've tried quite a few things without any success so far.

    today i decided to take off the otter box i had around it (commuter series) and it stopped resetting itself. it's been around 6 hours since it last restarted which is quite an improvement. this issue wasn't happening during the winter and early spring. it started like a month or so ago when we had our first warmer days.

    so, this leaves me wondering if it's just an overheating issue (in my case at least)?

    thanks and i hope this works for somebody else too!
  25. jmarcus276

    jmarcus276 New Member

    Mine has been doing the reboot thing for a few weeks contacted motorola the said to do a factory reset which i did and that has made the problem worse, now my status bar disappears until it shuts down then it shows up for a few minutes. They said i could send it to them but it is out of warrenty and i'm not sure i want totake the chance

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