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  1. doublele96

    doublele96 New Member

    My touch screen is not working in certain places,for example my e,s,w,z and 2nd autocorrect choice don't work when phone is vertical. I dont know if it is software or hardware problem. I am left to rely on autocorrect to type. What can i do to fix it? I thought that doing a factory default reset would help if the problem is from rooting, but don't really want to do that unless I know it will fix the problem. What can i do to fix the screen and what's the problem?

  2. Kulmania

    Kulmania New Member

    I have the exact same problem. Just a long vertical strip along the screen that doesn't respond. This happened shortly after I installed cyanogen mod for jellybean on my atrix. There's apparently a "PDS partition fix" that might help. Or you have to replace the digitizer but I don't know what our options really are. frustrating!
  3. Layman76

    Layman76 New Member

    Same problem. First off, entire screen hadn't been working. Took it apart, removed the motherboard, blew into each of the ports, removed and reconnected all the cables, and put it back together. Then it started doing this. Repeated the last process, and the entire screen worked. When I took it apart to fix the audio jack, this happened again. I'm fairly certain it's the ribbon cable underneath the motherboard, it tends to come loose easily. Working on it again as I'm typing... Wish me luck, I'll report back.
  4. bmiles

    bmiles Member

    Still waiting for that report ....

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