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Atrix vs Inspire

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  1. solidkevin

    solidkevin Well-Known Member

    while on the topic anyone here used the HTC Desire? How is it? Basiclly a Nexus One?

  2. Blanco720

    Blanco720 Well-Known Member

    Like steve jobs tells all apple users?

  3. That's not even the same thing. Google's Nexus phones are for developers so they know what the system requirements are gonna be needed for the next years iterations of android. So therefore the nexus S with gingerbread told developers these are the paramaters you need to develop for anything less will be outdated anything more won't be needed. "
  4. atlbuc

    atlbuc Well-Known Member

    But we aren't talking about a Vanilla Android phone, You have the Inspire running sense and the Atrix running Blur and Webtop
  5. Blanco720

    Blanco720 Well-Known Member

    No offense, but they make the phone to sell it. Yes, a primary target for Google are mobile developers and providing a 'vanilla' experience is important to devs, they make the phone to sell it (and make money, which is the responsibility of the company). Wouldnt it be easier for google to just, say, publish a document stating min/ideal hardware specs like any piece of software ever created, lol?
  6. solidkevin

    solidkevin Well-Known Member

    This is correct.

  7. Dude are you kidding lol the nexus phones haven't made any Money they don't sell for anything if they weren't for the developers or tweakers like me there considered flops. Google makes them and looses on them

  8. And you think Google doesn't know this and calculate this? Cmon lol there are no vanilla android phones except the nexus
  9. solidkevin

    solidkevin Well-Known Member

    dont forget the G2/Z.

  10. Yes so there you go two handsets out if the 100s available.
  11. solidkevin

    solidkevin Well-Known Member

    actually nvm it has sense too, so yup nexus is the only one.

  12. Hahaha I just looked that up was gonna post that lol. So like I said Google picked the specs for the nexus because that's the optimized settings for this years android OS
  13. atlbuc

    atlbuc Well-Known Member

    All this doesn't really matter, whatever floats your boat. More processing power and ram is always good in my book and if they are going to give it to me then I'll take it.
  14. solidkevin

    solidkevin Well-Known Member

    Thats fine, I just get confused when people say "forget this phone it has outdated specs" etc when the phone is great and has fantastic specs. Like I said I think its more about obsession with having the latest and greatest.

  15. Have to concur. Whatever fits you best but you can't crap on the inspire. People still love their EVOs and this phone puts that to shame
  16. atlbuc

    atlbuc Well-Known Member

    Not craping on it just not the phone for me.
  17. I was speaking in general not that you were
  18. Blanco720

    Blanco720 Well-Known Member

    Fact: Google DOES make money off these phones (indirectly, through apps made by these devs which make their OS, and the platforms on which it is installed, attractive to consumers)

    Fact: Hardware is solid to run the OS. No Frills. Could run on less. Better on more.

    Fact: In the short term they do lose money on the phones directly

    Its like you are saying dells mid-low end PCs are what the OS is made to run on. Its not true. It can run on far less, but they are available at a reasonable price for certain people. Dell makes much better computers for people who actually use the PCs for something other than word processing/web/music.

  19. What are you even saying. Have you looked at nexus one and nexus S sales. They are a bust so your fact is not a fact. Your analogy is horrible. Those laptops aren't made for DEVELOPERS LIKE THE NEXUS. just because a few non developers buy the nexus doesn't make it a success or a money maker.

    Also when the nexus architecture is chosen its chosen with the framework that this is what android needs for this year. This way developers know what the parameter are
  20. Blanco720

    Blanco720 Well-Known Member

    Apparently you cannot grasp what I am saying, so I will save my time and energy.

  21. I don't think your understanding. I get what your saying that the atrix is a top end version. Your not seeing what I'm saying. If developers are developing for the nexus specs. Most of the extra on the atrix won't be utilized till at least next year at the earliest. So yes the atrix is awesome but it doesn't make the inspire worthless or irrelevant
  22. Blanco720

    Blanco720 Well-Known Member

    I was responding to your comment about the nexus phones being used as a "template" for what phones running android should be, as it pertains to hardware specs.

    I agree with you completely that most the stuff the atrix is capable of cannot possibly be utilized as it is on the bleeding edge and far surpasses the capabilities of most phones. why would someone develop for just the tip of technology when if they wanted to sell their product they could make it available to a much wider breadth of mobile devices? We are in agreement.

    Inspire is not worthless, by a longshot. I was only saying, in my first post, that when I purchase a phone, I lock in for 2 years. I would prefer to get the absolute best phone (in terms of hardware and capabilities) to ensure longevity.

    As apps progress, they will become more demanding. Dual core tegra processor and 1g ram all but ensures that no matter how fast the tech progresses, i will be in good shape to run it, and run it well. This doesn't say that the inspire wont as well, but I submit the atrix will continue to have the edge.

  23. I totally agree with your assesment. Also depends on what your use is. If your a social/ SMS email user the atrix will probably never get utilized. If your a gamer and heavy video etc then the atrix will definitely get used.
  24. Baldilocks

    Baldilocks Well-Known Member

    It's the Atrix for me. I do a lot of video calling with my iPhone 4 and I need the Atrix so I can continue to do so (with Skype).

    Also, after coming from an iPhone 4, there is no way I would go to a 4.3" screen with only 480 x 800 resolution. 4" at 540 x 960 won't be that much of a 'downgrade'.

    The extra RAM, the onboard storage of the Atrix just seals the deal.
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  25. Your jonesin for this phone lol

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