Atrix vs. Milestone reception levelTips

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  1. mmm

    mmm Member

    I've got my new atrix used to have milestone, the GPS in the milestone is much more faster regarding detecting the location and number of satellites in addition to that the wifi level shown in the atrix is much lower than milestone where the milestone is able to detect higher number of wifis, finally the network level in milestone gives much better level by almost 7 dBms!!!!!
    Any comments or any known issues??!!!

  2. LFC958

    LFC958 Member

    I also have a Milestone & just switched to Atrix 4G, & have found the opposite in regards to the speed which which Satellites are locked on to, very noticable when starting maps.
    With regard to wifi & signal strength indicator, while the 4g might look like less bars shown in the same location as the Milestone, the actual performance in real life is no different

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