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Atrix Youtube App not allowing age restricted videos to be viewed.Support

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  1. buzznhard

    buzznhard New Member

    I searched for this issue but no luck so here goes.

    I have the Atrix and a long standing Youtube account that I can watch videos tagged by Youtube as over 18 only. When I try to watch on Atrix App signed in of course I get the error saying I have to be 18. I checked my Google profile since they are linked but I cant find any thing there. New to Android so I hoping its something simple. Thanks for any suggestions,,,

  2. aszreal1266

    aszreal1266 Well-Known Member

    that is strange. I came across that one and a little pop up thing came on I had to click saying I'm aware of adult content and want to proceed type deal. I was signed into my youtube account on my atrix.
  3. buzznhard

    buzznhard New Member

    I did clear history for the Youtube app and when I tried again I got the screen you mentioned but it still wont let me view. The phone is rooted and I am running the Adeo rom, I dont think that would affect but dont really know.
  4. aszreal1266

    aszreal1266 Well-Known Member

    my phone isn't rooted yet. The only video's I can't watch are the ones that are not supported by mobile devices. Do you think the video your trying to watch is one of those? If you can put the link in this thread and I'll check it with my phone to see if maybe its just that one video.
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  5. buzznhard

    buzznhard New Member

    Its any age related, I created a new youtube account and it worked, it may be something with the linked google account, but I am good now...thanks for the offer.
  6. aszreal1266

    aszreal1266 Well-Known Member

    Ok glad you got it sorted out.
  7. Evil.Bonsai

    Evil.Bonsai Well-Known Member

    This issue (still an issue for some of us) has been noted by youtube and a fix is supposedly in the works. The reply I got quoted below:

    "Hey all,
    I believe we have caught this issue and have fixed this in the next release of the Android YouTube app. Currently, if your profile is private, we weren't able to detect your age and hence, you receive the message, '..must be over 18 to view videos'. So keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming release on Market! =D"
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  8. buzznhard

    buzznhard New Member

    Ok great...thanks for the update Evil

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