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atrix4g frm at&t on str talk ...no data need help

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  1. djjvizion

    djjvizion New Member

    ok jus got a atrix and put my straight talk card in there and the phone service is fine im actually getting H+ but i cant get any data out of it. I have check re-checked....re-re-re-checked the settings and it looks right but i sitll cant get a data connection unless im on wifi ,but when i turn wifi off im dead in the water. i can make and recieve text an calls even mms but no internet?:confused:

    i really like the phone but i need the data portion to work as well!!! PLZ PLZ PLZ help if u can thanks

  2. Fuzzy13

    Fuzzy13 Well-Known Member

    So your showing H+ but you can't get data? Can you elaborate on this please?

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