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ATT branded S4 not getting July OTA updateSupport

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  1. NewbieS4

    NewbieS4 New Member


    I am having Galaxy S4 from ATT. I am not able to get the OTA update for android 4.2.2 which was released in July.

    I have tried all the normal steps mentioned across internet with people facing similar issues. Like

    I have moved Dates.
    I have tried this through Kies.
    I tried doing through OTA over wifi. it downloads 10-12% everytime and then just stops downloading. with message still showing its downloading. this has happened atleast 20 times.

    I have dropped ATT support a mail. but with no help.

    Is there any help ?

    ITs currently on

    • Android version: 4.2.2
    • Baseband version: I337UCUAMDL
    • Build number: JDQ39.I337UCUAMDL

  2. wtherrell

    wtherrell Well-Known Member

    You are lucky enough to have an S4 running system version that can be Lokied, rooted and can run custom roms. And you want to take an update that will ruin that capability?
  3. speedlever

    speedlever Well-Known Member

    Certainly. I would because I don't care about rooting, custom roms, etc. Why would you assume the OP does?

    The problem is that his phone won't update to the current version of Android. That would concern me too.

    Edit: for the record, my SG4 is:
    Model number: SGH-i337
    Baseband version: i337ucuamf3
    Build number: jdq39.i337ucuamf3
  4. NewbieS4

    NewbieS4 New Member

    Yes, At this time I don't care about Rooting much. But even I wanted to keep it, my point is atleast the update should be available. I choose not to do is an option I want to keep till I decide on rooting.

    and as speedlever pointed out, my point is is there anything bigger than this update not happening.

    Just a note - I am currently not on ATT n/w and I have got this unlocked from ATT. But that should not be any issue for an update, I would assume.
  5. NewbieS4

    NewbieS4 New Member

    does any one have any idea or any help here?? The Main reason for me to have this update is an ability to move apps to SD. I have way too may apps and they are taking a lot of space.

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