ATT (Go For Unlocked HTC One X or ATT HTC One XL)General

if your on ATT, would you go with the unlocked HTC One X or ATT HTC One XL

  1. HTC One X (Quad Core, HSPA +)

    11 vote(s)
  2. ATT HTC One XL (S4 dual core, LTE)

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  1. motionxxusxx

    motionxxusxx Well-Known Member

    Not sure what I'm going to do. Go for the unlocked HTC One X with the quad core and HSPA + or go with the ATT HTC One XL with dual core S4 and LTE. I'm concerned about the battery life on the LTE version. It seems as if the unlocked version of the HTC One X with quad core will support ATT 3g and HSPA +. Would love to hear people's feeling on this.

  2. soapisclean

    soapisclean Member

    I am ok with the Krait's benchmarks so far and it would feel good knowing that you've got the latest 28nm chip in your phone.
    I think we'll have to wait for some battery benchmarks before making the final judgement (LTE or no-LTE).
  3. garment69

    garment69 Well-Known Member

    I am not convinced that the dual core LTE will have as good battery life as the quad core HSPA+. But even more important, the ATT version has been castrated with 16gb of non expandable storage. Fail.
  4. motionxxusxx

    motionxxusxx Well-Known Member

    That was new to me. Didn't realize that it had only 16GB. That sucks.
  5. Sauske

    Sauske Well-Known Member

    They interviewed Nvidia and talk about how they bought out a company to bring LTE to the Tegra chipset, and he told the interviewer that it wouldn't be long!? Whether it's true or not, remains to be seen! I would like for that to happen, seeing how Sprint releases in the summer! I would prefer the quad core over the dual core!

    The Verge Interview: Nvidia GM Mike Rayfield on Tegra 3 and LTE | The Verge

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