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  1. ariaT

    ariaT New Member

    I keep seeing the ATT Navigator pop up in my Advanced Task Killer, without my having opened the App. This also seems to happen with a few other things, such as the FM Radio, YouTune, and so on.

    2 Questions -

    Will this cause me to incur a ATT Navigator fee on my bill? I have friends that have Backflips, and one of them accidentally opened the Navigator and it charged them. They've had the hardest time getting them to get it off.

    2nd, can I keep them from running themselves? Or is it just an Android quirk? New to the OS ( Ditched the iPhone!!)

    Hope this hasn't been covered already. Any input would be appreciated!


  2. Graceflanger

    Graceflanger Well-Known Member

    If you opened it, check your account and remove the charge if its on there. Use any of the pre-installed programs like Maps, Navigation, or Navigator. I think they only way a program can run is if you actually start it, so just don't click it. I removed all the pre-installed ATT apps from my home screen so I can't see them.
  3. kartwright49

    kartwright49 New Member

    AT&T Navigator is also always running on mine. I kill it over and over, but it keeps starting itself. I also just ditched my iPhone for this. Can we reinstall the OS without the AT&T apps included?

    My phone is also going through data like mad. In the chart on AT&Ts website about data usage, the most I used in the past six months with my iPhone was 90 MB. In just three days on my Aria I have used nearly 30 MB. I am wondering if this is at all connected to the AT&T Navigator app? I downgraded to the 200 MB plan since 90 MB was my record and now I'm really getting scared.
  4. arcticXpanda

    arcticXpanda Active Member

    This (taken from the htc aria useful links sticky) is a custom rom without the att apps. You first need to root it (not tough). If you need to know more just check out the sticky. Hope it helps!

    ROM: Liberated_Aria (beta) - xda-developers

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