ATT wants to charge for e-mail settings!

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  1. RogerDeanD

    RogerDeanD New Member

    I can go to yahoo on web and access e-mail account w/folders/address/ etc. but can't attach! Go to e-mail icon on DROID window and I have set my incoming e-mail to and can't access folders or address but can attach! Not sure if everything is correct. ATT wants me to pay for SUPPORT PLUS to get the corrrect settings. I did set up a and got all my folders, but I don't send e-mail with the "yahoo" domain. I prefer to use "".

    I am new to "gmail" so will gradually switch over to my g-mail account. I refuse to pay ATT a monthly fee for internet service and pay again to get e-mail settings for my VERIZON phone. Anyone know how to set up e-mail so I can send an e-mail with " instead of "" like on my PC internet? Sorry for such a long post but ATT SUPPORT charging really 'goes against my grain' to put it in a PG rated post!!

  2. alostpacket

    alostpacket Over Macho Grande? VIP Member

    usually companies have info for their pop3 and imap settings on their support webpages. The idiots they get to staff support phone lines for them often dont even know this.

    should be info like this:

    While it's instructions for using at&t in Outlook, you can usually find the settings that the droid asks for when setting up email there (such as the smtp server, security type, etc.)

    Good luck.

  3. RogerDeanD

    RogerDeanD New Member

    Alostpacket, Thank you. I have the pop and smtp settings from my att support from pc member center. Those didn't work as well. I used the IMAP settings listed on this forum and yahoo worked, but would send the email in not ??
  4. alostpacket

    alostpacket Over Macho Grande? VIP Member

    Sounds like just how they configure the servers. There may be nothing you can do about it, I'm not sure.

    Luckily you will have a much easier time as you migrate to Gmail. Sorry I couldn't help more.
  5. gregbridwell

    gregbridwell Well-Known Member

    I also have an email address (among others) which I prefer to use as my "send from" email...

    In other words when I send an email I like it to appear as if I sent it from my sbcglobal address.

    I configured my gmail account to send all my emails with my sbcglobal address. I believe this is under settings/accounts on gmail.

    For all of my incoming emails for my yahoo and sbcglobal email accounts, I simply logged in to my yahoo account and set it to forward all of my emails to my gmail account.

    When I set up gmail on the droid, everything shows up. It has been a very reliable setup for me.
  6. RogerDeanD

    RogerDeanD New Member

    Thank you, GregBridwell. I was hoping for another user to reply. I will try your suggestion. Thank you again to both you and alostpacket for responding out of all the views to the thread. Great forum.
  7. neemo6

    neemo6 Well-Known Member

    I havent had one bit of trouble w/ my sbcglobal account as of yet. Hope I dont been using this address for many years now.
  8. MishaC

    MishaC New Member

    Here's my response from a different thread:

    I have a account, here's what worked for me on the Droid Incredible:

    Protocol: POP
    Email Address:
    Password: your password
    Server Port: 995
    Security Type:Click on "SSL"
    Outgoing smtp:
    Security Type: None
    Server Port: 25

    The last 2 fields I listed actually populated automatically and worked fine.

    Here's a listing of many POP servers and their incoming server names:
    Answer Center | AT&T

    A list of outgoing SMTP Server Hosts:
    ISP Outgoing SMTP Server Hosts - AOL, Cox, Comcast, SBC, AT&T, Adelphia, Roadrunner, Earthlink and Others -

    Hope this helps.
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  9. jude536

    jude536 New Member

  10. john2355

    john2355 New Member

    Hey does anyone still have a Valid sbcglobal. Net email address. Still?
  11. Justacsr

    Justacsr New Member

    Yes, and Misha's tip worked! Thank you!
  12. LouWags

    LouWags Well-Known Member

    I still have my e-mail address but I never use it any more.

    I'm interested that the phone can be set up to use Pop3, though.

  13. Rico ANDROID

    Rico ANDROID Well-Known Member

    Tell me tjis is a joke... they actually think they can charge us for a YAHOO account? ... T H A T will be the day...
  14. droidcentric

    droidcentric Well-Known Member

    Actually they can and many do for premium features like using external domains since Yahoo runs the AT&T Mail Plus network. I had to jump though hoops to keep my email from the days of dialup after migrating from DSL to U-Verse. I later created a new sub account it moved me off the legacy servers and over to the new system which blocks the ports needed to use external mail servers. At first my call to support went to India who have zero clue about any of this and pointed me to the Yahoo Plus service. The next day i was able to get someone in a US call center who got me back on the legacy servers again.

    Yahoo Mail Plus - AT&T Community Support

    For some Gmail is the answer but personally i feel Google knows to much about my life already. :eek:
  15. LouCash

    LouCash Active Member

    Umm, no..

    They don't charge for that kind of information... as posted by someone else it's online at no cost... And they will read you that stuff over the phone.

    AT&T Mobility (your cell phone company) will troubleshoot your wireless service at no cost. They will verify your device has data access (can get online) and give you basic support on how to set it up, such as servers and device settings.

    Like posted above.

    If you make it seem like more than that or the person you spoke too was so "inclined" they would offer you to pay for "Enhanced support" for additional assistance @$3.99 per month added to your insurance. Enhance support would go on your AT&T Mobility bill but would be through your insurance provider, Asurion. AT&T Mobility's only real job is to make sure you have internet access, when it come down to it on this, but they want good text message survey responses :D

    In a nut shell, if all you need is the email settings and a hand hold through it AT&T Mobility will not charge you. Never hurts them to ask though ;). I'm sure they apologize for any misunderstandings.

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