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  1. Vadlak

    Vadlak New Member

    Hey guys I was wondering if they make an attachable keyboard for the galaxy or any other android tablet. What I'm looking for is something like the iPad keyboards they have. Hence I would need a mini USB one, any ideas?

  2. DroidRick

    DroidRick Well-Known Member

    Why not go one step further and pick up a bluetooth wireless keyboard?
    There are many on the market now.

    A few years ago I used to use an IR wireless keyboard with my Toshiba e830 pocket PC and it worked great.
  3. Vadlak

    Vadlak New Member

    I'm using a rooted nook and as far as i know of there is no blue tooth capability. Unless an app would give me that.
  4. DroidRick

    DroidRick Well-Known Member

    Nook? (Nokia?) or do you lose bluetooth on the SGS when you root?
  5. Vadlak

    Vadlak New Member

    No its the nookColor from Barnes and Nobles, So it doesnt have phone or anything it runs a watered down version of Android 2.1, so i rooted it, but I'm looking for a keyboard so i can type easier.
  6. Davian

    Davian Member

    Can't comment on the nook, but my aluminum BT apple kb works with my Galaxy S (2.2 required).
  7. Vadlak

    Vadlak New Member

  8. NZtechfreak

    NZtechfreak Well-Known Member

    I doubt it, the Nook would have to have USB host capabilities, and AFAIK it doesn't.

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