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    Feb 16, 2012
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    I searched first and couldn't find anything on this. Our daughter sent an email with 2 PDF attachments. The 600kb file opened fine. The other (200kb) kept giving me an "out of memory" error. Both open fine on other computers. I sent a test email with a PDF attached out of Outlook to the tablet and this time, the attachment is shown (paperclip) in the inbox but opening the email, there's no attachment, nothing to click on. The rest of the email is there but no attachment. Again, the test attachment opens fine on other computers.

    My TC 970 is relatively new and I haven't done anything fancy with it. Installed a 16GB SD, loaded a few apps and installed the latest firmware update.

    Anyone else having attachment issues?

    UPDATE: the two emails in question are now missing from my inbox. There's email in the other folders but the emails referenced above were in my inbox last night and are not any more.

  2. exscentric

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    Dec 5, 2011
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    Have no real answer as I haven't set up email, but some email programs leave the data on the server, if this is how yours works could your storage on the server be full?

    Maybe try a different email app?

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