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Attachments broken after 2.2 update?General

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  1. dmurray14

    dmurray14 New Member

    Anyone else have this issue? We have about 120 of these phones, all of which worked fine before the upgrade, none of which can open email attachments now on 2.2. This is using an exchange server. Mail attachments are randomly renamed, and are not able to be viewed on the phone. For instance, test.pdf becomes <TEST.PDF>.PDF. The phone won't open it at all.

    Surely others must be experiencing this as well; are there any workarounds?

  2. jowilker

    jowilker Member

    I read about issues like that, so before I did anything to my new phone I upgraded to 2.2 then loaded behind it.

    You might get better help in one of the larger forums.

    Use the search feature.


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