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  1. facemob

    facemob Active Member

    My attain I guess died yesterday. Well I am hoping it isn't dead. Here is what happened. The phone was about to die so I plugged the charger into to it and the screen flashed and the phone cut off. It hasn't powered on since. I have tried another battery and it still does not power on. I tried a different charger and nothing. It does not light up even when plugged in any suggestions

  2. PRkid

    PRkid Well-Known Member

    I would just take it back to the store where I bought it from. Unless you tried to do something to it (Root it). Then they might not even want to help you out.
  3. Woxx17

    Woxx17 Active Member

    Well if his phone doesnt power on, he should just say that, and not mention anything about attempting to Root.
  4. facemob

    facemob Active Member

    It was already rooted. I got it off craigslist like 3 months ago
  5. Woxx17

    Woxx17 Active Member

    So you bought it off an original owner?
    Did you for some reason still manage to get MPcs phone insurance?
  6. facemob

    facemob Active Member

    No insurance. I have an evo now. I was just wondering what could have caused it. I was gonna try to fix it
  7. Tokenpoke

    Tokenpoke Well-Known Member

    Sounds like you shorted something....

    Personally I'd pull it apart and look for Burns.

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