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attain doesn't support wireless keyboards? No HID support?General

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  1. androidhood

    androidhood Well-Known Member

    ahhh so here i buy a 100$ keyboard off ebay ready to use on my device and also my main computer i paired the keyboard with my phone (samsung attain 4g)
    and..... it said HID devices not supported -_- i did some research on this and then i went to my brother phone (samsung admire) the keyboard was working on it perfectly fine..... i was speechless just speechless is there anyway to get HID devices working on the samsung galaxy attain ? please let me know if you know a way thanks.

  2. Tokenpoke

    Tokenpoke Well-Known Member

    Unless you find custom bt drivers or something you are stuck.
  3. jazzi

    jazzi New Member

    i have the same thing apple keyboard connection ... any way i can get these bluetooth drivers .. and how can i install them...

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