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ATTN Early Incredible Owners! Tethering via HTC Sync?General

  1. Bisnicks

    Bisnicks Well-Known Member

    So we all read this in the HTC Incredible Manual that the HTC Sync software would allow you to use tethering with your phone! My question is, can you do this for free or must you have signed up for Verizon's tethering plan. I already know there are various apps out there such as PDAnet where you can do this, but I wanted to see if this was an authorized free way.

  2. Mjcanton

    Mjcanton Well-Known Member

    I am 95% sure it will not be free. Something like $14.99 a month through verizon... not cool
  3. greenrolaids

    greenrolaids Well-Known Member

    just use pda net or any other tethering program to get your tether needs filled.

    pda net is a one time only sub $20 program.

    i think there are other low cost aftermarket tethering programs out there.

    is June fabrics still around?

    Just know that you are technically not allowed to use programs that circumvent verizon. But if you dont go over 5gb of data and dont go over that for an extended period.. then verizon will not usually bother with u.
  4. bta

    bta New Member

    I put off getting the Droid because there wasn't a Verizon sponsored tethering capability. Seeing that the Incredible might finally have this is the main reason I finally pulled the trigger on upgrading.

    If you use your phone for business and often have to rely your phone's broadband connect capabilities, you want something that is officially backed by the provider. Whenever I've had any issues with broadband connect on my BB, I've called Verizon and they've fixed it immediately. That kind of support is critical.

    So like the original poster, I'd be very interested in hearing people's experiences with tethering the Incredible. If no one responds, I'll post my test on the 29th.
  5. jwm2

    jwm2 Well-Known Member

    EasyTether is only $10 and is available on the appstore. It works just as good as pdanet and is 1/2 the price. Until rooting happens and i can get wireless tethering this is as good as it gets. I can't wait to root it, hopefully that'll be possible within a few months after its market debut.
  6. AGWednesday

    AGWednesday Well-Known Member


  7. TBolt

    TBolt Member

    When I pre-ordered my Inc, I left the $15 tethering service active. I don't tether nearly as much as you might (rare emergency-type instances, really); however, my usage can increase at any time. So, I'm anxious to see whether a heavy user, like you, gets by with the apps as mentioned in this thread.
  8. skelzer

    skelzer Member

    You can turn tethering on/off on a needs basis.
    VZW will then prorate monthly charges... comes out to about $2/per day.

    I use this all the time on my BBerry whenever I'm stuck in an airport, train, etc.
    Takes two secs for a cust service rep to enable it over the phone (yes, it has to be over the phone).
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  9. CEV

    CEV Well-Known Member

    But should this be an issue if you have an unlimited data plan?
  10. crashdogy

    crashdogy Well-Known Member

    I use the program tether with my blackberry verzion as never billed me for it in less htc sync send them some kind of notice and you don't abuse your account you should be fin but time will tell. Just my IMO
  11. Crashumbc

    Crashumbc Well-Known Member

    There is NO unlimited plan that allows "tethering"...

    Although people DO use tethering programs with the 29.99 unlimited plan it is against the TOS for that plan...
  12. Bisnicks

    Bisnicks Well-Known Member

    The reason I'm curious about this is because recently Verizon decided to allow the Pre and Pixi to act as mobile hotspots at no extra cost. Also, the HTC Incredible manual said HTC Sync would allow of this, but made no note saying that it may incur additional charges.
  13. Crashumbc

    Crashumbc Well-Known Member

    The reason they did that for the Pre and Plus is because Verizon can't give the things away...

    I REALLY can't see them doing it for any new phones...

    In fact if they can figure out a easy way to tell if your tethering on Android I expect them to stop it...

    I have a WinMo phone I used to be able to tether on. I tried it yesterday and got directed to Verizon's site asking if I want to upgrade to a mobile broadband package....

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