ATV - How to hide the ICS taskbar ?

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  1. erwaninho

    erwaninho Member

    Hello Stane and others :)

    my name is erwan, i'm french and i bought an ATV-102
    (with the app "Device checker", it is confirmed that I own a "MBX 2.0 board, f16ref")

    I found this forum and I would like first to thank you people for what you do.
    I'm ok to test anything you want, and if you need testers just contact me :)

    I like this box, but I want to use it as a DLNA video player.
    I have a synology diskstation DS211J, for the streaming of videos.

    The default player is great (works in full screen, no taskbar !) but is not compatible DLNA (correct me if I'm wrong !!)

    I can't have any other video player in full screen, the ICS taskbar is always there. How can you hide it ??

    Which full screen video player do you use with your Visson ATV ?

    Is there a tweak - mod - app to hide the ICS taskbar, working with the ATV-102 ?

  2. erwaninho

    erwaninho Member

    sorry, I edited my post because my english is not so good :)

    question :
    which full screen video player do you use with your ATV ?

    thx !!
  3. dedalus

    dedalus New Member


    the problem with applications that are not going full screen is that there is a property in Amlogic platform that could prevent an application to go full screen.

    [tv.hideStatusBar.enable]: [false]

    You can chack this by running get prop command and temporarily change to true by useing a tool like setpropex.

    So if you have this set to false even an application that normally goes full screen will still be displayed as not full screen.
  4. erwaninho

    erwaninho Member

    thank you for your answer, I'm gonna check this...

    the real question is : how to set this ALWAYS to true ?
  5. stane1983

    stane1983 Well-Known Member Developer


    what dedalus said is true. This is done that way because either ICS or JB doesn't allow directly trough SDK to hide navigation bar (or status bar, or whatever) afaik... That's Amlogic's implementation of how to show app in full screen.

    EDIT: you can use /system/bin/ script to add line:
    Code (Text):
    1. setprop "tv.hideStatusBar.enable" "true"

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