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  1. macb6497

    macb6497 Member

    I want the opinions of people out there that ride or walk the trails.

    Here's the deal. I got tired of riding the same trails around my area, but found it hard to locate other trails.

    Because of this I developed an Android Application that allows you to find trails traversed by other riders or walkers.

    I uploaded a video to youtube at: ATV Trail Android App - YouTube

    This is directly from the description: "This app allows you to find popular off road trails where ATV, dirt bikes, mountain bikes, or walkers traverse.

    You can broadcast your location so that other users of the app can see where the action is.

    The application automatically records your traveled coordinates and publicizes them so that others can find traveled trails

    visit VVS Sites for more information and download date"

    What do you all think? Would this help you out? (find popular trails, see where the action is)

    Directly from my website: "UPDATE: The ATV app has been reprogrammed to only allow new coordinates uploaded by users of the app be downloaded if the coordinates have been on the server for a specified period of time. Some viewers thought that posting new coordinates in real-time would allow others to stalk/secretly track individual users indirectly based off of how new coordinate patterns were being downloaded/plotted on the map. This minor problem was overcome by simply creating a delay between the posting of new coordinates and the ability for other users of the app to download those new way-points. "

    If you see this exact post on other forums, it's because I want to get the word out.


  2. macb6497

    macb6497 Member

    I got a tip from a person on another forum.


    Travace: ↑

    ...unless you can keep em private some how.


    Perfect! Keep them private as in only phones with specified cell numbers, i.e. 240-555-6789, can view trails posted by a particular device.

    So, say a person is recording a new trail. This person can then "send", which really approves, phones with certain numbers or people in his/her contact list.

    If you were not approved by said [ [​IMG] ] person/phone, then even if you have the app, you cannot view the trail.

    This would be the same as word-of-mouth, but more visual.

    Travace: Travace | Dirt Bike Addicts
  3. macb6497

    macb6497 Member

    I have fixed all errors/crashes for the ATV app. You should download VERSION 4.0. Might take a while for Google to update the play store page, but you can download it right away from my website. The ATV app is now in the hundreds of downloads.

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