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  1. ellegon18

    ellegon18 New Member

    Hello everyone,
    I am having a serious issue with my 2nd brand new phone from TMobile. I sent the first back because the audio and video didn't sync when i recorded video with my phone and transferred them to a pc. I tried 2 different pc's and a laptop, i tried different cables plugged into different usb ports, emailed a short video, used wmp, vlc, and kies software, updated my codec packs, wiped the cache on my phone, reset to factory condition, changed a setting on the camera to -2, changed the audio to record from camcorder and not the mic, and im sure a few more things I have found on the internet. I've contacted Samsung and TMobile and they both say it was a defective handset and to return it. I did that and received my new unit and still have the same issues. TMobile says it is not a known issue and to return this one also, said there is no way a third unit will have the same problem. I've already spent $40 on shipping and went 2 weeks without a phone (prepaid so no loaners) and don't wish to do it again for another defective phone. Has anyone else had any luck fixing this problem? This is the white s2 from tmobile, never been rooted or hacked so its all stock rom. I have tried the lg camera app also but the app kept freezing every time i would hit the record button.
    Thanks in advance for any help given.

  2. Caker188

    Caker188 Well-Known Member

    I see you tried just about everything but did you use Kies?
  3. dontpanicbobby

    dontpanicbobby Guides Guide

    Nevermind you already did the new codecs thing. Forget I posted anything. This is not the answer you seek.
  4. ellegon18

    ellegon18 New Member

    Thanks for the replies. Yes, I have tried Kies. Here is the breakdown
    WMP plays the file but the audio gets about 4 seconds ahead of the video on a 10 second video. VLC is unwatchable as the video become totally distorted. Kies makes the video very jerky and doesnt stay as consistent as WMP so cant tell how far ahead the video really goes cause the video keeps freezing.
  5. Atma

    Atma Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the forum ellegon :hello:

    Are the videos out of sync when you view them on your phone too?
  6. ellegon18

    ellegon18 New Member

    No they are not. They look fine on the phone. Its only when they are transferred to the pc. Doesn't matter if it was emailed or thru usb. Tech support thought they were being corrupted thru the transfer but emailing had the same effect
  7. clokkwork

    clokkwork Member

    you`re not the only one my first S2 i bought from the O2 shop worked fine however the camera developed a fault and now freezes so i bought an unlocked S2 from ebay, when the phone arrived i noticed the box it was packed in was bigger than the O2 box and the gfx were different to my O2 phone but i wasn't concerned about that but when i shoot a vid of more than a mint or two and transfer the file to my pc and try to edit it that's when the vid goes out of sink, the vid plays fine with KM player but as soon as i try to edit it with pro coder or adobe after fx it all goes wrong, i have tried changing the sampling rate and the fpm but to no avail, i did not have this trouble with the phone i bought from the O2 shop and i am wondering if my phone is made for the asian market or something as the phones gfx are different from the O2 phone. :confused:
  8. Vancouver8

    Vancouver8 New Member

    Turn off Video Stabilization in settings
    (there are separate stabilization settings for still camera as well as video camera, so make sure you select the video tab in the settings popup)
    Worked for me!
    For existing videos already on your Mac (or PC) that you want to fix, run them through Handbrake and set the output to constant framerate.

    SPREAD THE WORD-there's probably millions of frustrated home video takers out there!

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