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Audio applications: Earphones connected to the device... anoyingGeneral

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  1. Lock-N-Load

    Lock-N-Load Well-Known Member

    So, when you plug in earphones, you get this shitty and annoying notification in the pull down slider "Audio applications: Earphones connected to the device" and it lists like the same 5 apps... but does NOT list Google Play Music??

    Is there a way to kill this whole function off? Is there a way to add to that selection list? For example, the never used Voice Recorder is always 1 of the 5 listed. But again, something 10x more valuable - Play Music - is not listed.

  2. scrabbley

    scrabbley Active Member

    You can turn it off in Settings/Accessory under the headphone section. I made my own menu using Tasker so when I plug earphones in I get a pop up menu of apps I actually use.
  3. Yaksman

    Yaksman New Member

    You appear to have a different Settings Menu from mine. I don't have an Accessory sub-menu, and haven't been able to find a headphones section in any of the sub-menus. I'm on Bell Mobility, might the provider have fiddled with the available menus?

    The Tasker idea, however, sounds great. I found Launch Menu of Music Apps When Headset Inserted - Tasker Wiki with a quick google, if anyone is interested.

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