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  1. NatGreen

    NatGreen Member

    hey guys,
    I'm new to the Android world and have a S4. So far I'm loving it for the most part but a few things I'm not happy about which is the syncing with iTunes on my Mac (Kies sucks as most of you know, Double Twist seems to be buggy and keeps showing error messages connecting to my SD card) and in this case the error message I keep getting for some of my songs when using the stock music player.

    ""sorry player does not support this type of audio file"

    This seems to appear randomly but is really annoying as they are just mp3 files from my iTunes library.

    I've seen some people post about removing the Twitter app but I don't even have it on my phone so that's obviously not the case.

    Any ideas to fix this or other players I could use where I won't have this problem? Rocket Player (the free version) didn't help and I think Google Play Music was the same.

    I wouldn't have thought it would be so difficult to import and play my music properly. Apple definitely wins in that department from what I've experienced so far.

  2. Sierra255

    Sierra255 Well-Known Member

    Try TuneSync. I tried Double Twist and didn't like it at all. TuneSync is extremely easy to use.
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  3. TheyCallMeBT

    TheyCallMeBT Well-Known Member

    Have you tried another music player app?
  4. NatGreen

    NatGreen Member

    yeah I've tried a few and they all seemed to do the same thing.

    I think it was an issue with Double Twist actually.

    So far so good with the pro version of Tunesync (the fact that they even make the lite version that does one playlist and 20 songs is ridiculous) and I am currently not getting any error messages so hopefully that fixed the problem.

    Thanks for your help.
  5. dontpanicbobby

    dontpanicbobby Guides Guide

    Are your iTunes purchases albums or just individual files? If they are albums you could just copy the album folders over to your SD card. Individual files could be copied over the same way but I'm not sure if iTunes gives you a folder for each file with album art or not. You'll probably get a random picture for individual tunes without album art.
  6. NatGreen

    NatGreen Member

    I don't buy much music from iTunes. It is mostly music I've found online, have burned, etc.

    I've tried different settings on TuneSync to get the files on my external SD card but haven't had luck with that.

    I tried /sdcard/Music and /sdcard/externall_sd/Music and neither of those did the trick.

    The second option put them as "Miscellaneous Files" on the internal.

    TuneSync says the stock settings should put them on your SD card but for me it went to the internal storage.
  7. campiii57

    campiii57 New Member


    I think that I really found the problem. By comparing files which work and files which don't work, I saw that the ones that didn't work were with an "A" extension in the files properties (on windows). By using a software to change the properties, and to "unarchive" them, it worked again.

    See you !
  8. KimDaily

    KimDaily New Member

    I had a similar issue just recently and discovered the problem was that it couldn't play any files that had a colon in the title for some un known reason? I was able to fix it by changing the titles and redownloading the new files. Try look for any similarities in all the songs that are having problems and you might be able to find the cause. I hope this helps!

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