Audio from Micro USB?

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  1. Bob Loblaw1

    Bob Loblaw1 Well-Known Member

    I was wondering if anybody knows for sure if the Micro USB port on the Nexus supports audio. I'm trying to find a single cable solution to charging the phone and listening to music in my car w/o resorting to bluetooth. I found this adapter on Amazon but:

    a. It doesn't allow me to charge the unit
    b. I don't know if the Nexus even supports audio through the USB


    I spoke to a rep @ Google Tech Support and after some research he came back and said that it does but he didn't sound to sure of himself. I called HTC Tech Support and they were clueless and transferred me to accessories. Anyone have any idea if it supports audio, and if so, any 2-in-1 adapters out there so I can get at it (micro usb to 3.5mm jack + micro usb).

  2. droidcody

    droidcody Member

    I don't know the answer to this, but I also am interested in the information and have been searching for a while on it with no luck. Let's hope someone has the information.

    Thanks for posting what you've found out so far.
  3. Bob Loblaw1

    Bob Loblaw1 Well-Known Member

    I've asked the same question in another forum as well so hopefully between the two we'll learn something. I'll post here as well as pm you if I get any good intel.
  4. kaotix

    kaotix Well-Known Member

    Kind of like the iPhone dock with audio out.
    One thing I noticed is that the one pictured clearly wont allow charging while using BUT could you not just rewire it to do so? USB takes GND and PWR and 2 data (in and out). The above would obviously only use the data and not the power so surely you could rewire it to include power.
  5. James Bell

    James Bell Well-Known Member

    My $0.02:
    -HTC is known for streaming audio on the unused pin of the micro USB connector.
    -Pin 4 seems to be free, it would be my guess. seems to sell things LIKE this and they have a micro USB breakout connector if someone wants to try it out.
    -It would be huge news if the N1 did this.
  6. SnotF

    SnotF Well-Known Member

    The Google dock allows you to play music over it... that's through USB to RCA, correct?
  7. aviator

    aviator Active Member

    "The Google dock allows you to play music over it... that's through USB to RCA, correct? "

    Actually, no. The phone communicates with the dock via bluetooth...
  8. SnotF

    SnotF Well-Known Member

    That's incredibly stupid.
  9. Bob Loblaw1

    Bob Loblaw1 Well-Known Member

    Not really. I can have the phone in my pocket and switch tracks. If I'm having a party or something and I'm out on the patio or in the garage, I can be real obvious about it and pull out my phone and announce, "I don't like this song, let me change it" :D (I actually did that once and nobody cared :()
  10. SnotF

    SnotF Well-Known Member

    You could simply pair with any Bluetooth device and do that. My bt card was 10.00 us. The idea is that you're paying 45.00 for a bt RCA cable and charger. Seems silly, especially when the same can be accomplished much cheaper without it.
  11. Bob Loblaw1

    Bob Loblaw1 Well-Known Member

    Maybe I mis-understood you when you said the phone communicating with the dock via BT is "stupid". Why would it have been smarter to make it communicate via usb? Now if it turns out that the Nexus does not support audio through the usb then yes, I could see an argument there. But if it does then I don't see why BT is stupid. You might think there are cheaper solutions out there that accomplish the same thing but that doesn't make it stupid, just too expensive maybe.
  12. BigTimeNexusFan

    BigTimeNexusFan Well-Known Member

    YES it does. This is how I listen to music in the car. I plug the supplied USB cable into the car stereos USB socket then mount the USB when it shows up on the NEXUS. THEN, all songs appear on the Stereo. I have a pioneer stereo in my car but I'm sure any modern radio that allows playing music from USB will let you do this. The nexus appears as a USB hard drive to the stereo.
  13. BigTimeNexusFan

    BigTimeNexusFan Well-Known Member

    No, it's not stupid that the Dock communicated with the phone via bluetooth. This is so you can walk around the room with your nexus in your hand while shooting music to your external speakers via the bluetooth. If it only went thru the USB you would be tethered to that located instead of being mobile. As for music thru the USB. See my post above. That works too for your car.

    Nexus and It's dock are both well thought out devices. Before you call it stupid you should do a little research.
  14. justdoit

    justdoit Well-Known Member

    Technically the Nexus is doing 'Sweet FA' via this method, you may as well remove the memory card, stick it in a usb adaptor and plug that into the car stereo. All that happens when you 'mount' the N1 is give direct access to the memory card via the USB connector of the phone so the N1 acts as a $580 version of a $10 solution! The Memory card is locked out whilst doing this (try using Google Earth at the same time or simply view your pictures on the N1). Atm A2DP is the only way to transfer music from the N1 whilst maintaining the use of the memory card where it is stored.
  15. BigTimeNexusFan

    BigTimeNexusFan Well-Known Member

    Actually that isn't true. Technically I'm charging my phone AND listening to the music on it. Doesn't matter that it treats it like a hard drive. My phone is getting charged at the same time. Can't do that if I take the card out... put it in the adapter (which would be a pain to do) and plug it in the usb port.

    Just one of the MANY MANY options you have with a NEXUS 1
  16. justdoit

    justdoit Well-Known Member

    Fair enough if you think that, but actually your charging the N1 at a lower rate than the N1 is capable of consuming power whilst fully functioning and at a considerably lower rate than a 'proper' charger!! (Don't believe me? Try charging your N1 via the USB of your PC or Laptop from empty and do the same via its charger- BIG difference in times owning to the difference of both the volts and amps the different supplies output and those usually give higher outputs than many other electrical devices that contain USB ports too!) and you cannot use the N1 properly! I subscribe to Spotify for my music -it's provided via both 3G streaming and tracks stored on the handset, use the Sat Nav and make calls too, all at the same time. Can I do all that via USB connection into a stereo? No I can't, but I can by plugging my charger into it and streaming audio via A2DP (or bluetooth if you wish), everything works perfectly well!

    If it works for you then fine mate but don't say its one of the many many options of a Nexus 1, what you are saying is a standard option of just about any object that includes a memory card these days and not a particularly satisfactory one either!
  17. justdoit

    justdoit Well-Known Member

    The Dock doesn't have a USB connector that goes into the N1, it charges it via the 'golden dot's' you find at the bottom of the phone, the only USB connector on the dock is the power input connector to allow a PSU connection.
  18. shred444

    shred444 New Member

    The HTC Incredible has an HTC-proprietary 12pin Micro USB header. This fits standard Micro USB cables but also brings out signals for video and audio. Unfortunately, there are no break out cables available on the market yet (that i could find). So i guess we'll have to wait and see...
  19. outoffocus

    outoffocus Well-Known Member

    Interesting! Let us know how it works out.

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