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Audio from smart TV to phone via wifi


    BONUM FACTUM New Member

    Hi gurus,

    We have probably all faced a situation when you want to get the most of the movie but everybody sleep and you can't watch it loud. Is there a way to get audio streamed from smart tv to my android so I can use my earphones?

    Note, wireless headphones is not a solution. I'm happy with my C5.

    Is there an app/plugin on the market that would do a trick? Or do I need an additional hardware?


  2. Rukbat

    Rukbat Well-Known Member

    Your TV has to be able to stream its sound by wifi or Bluetooth (if you're willing to use the same headset you use with your phone). If the TV can stream it, the phone can pick it up. I haven't really looked at all the smart TVs on the market, but I know my Vizio top of the line won't do what you need. (But a Jabra A-210 plugged into the TV earphone jack will send the sound to a Bluetooth headset. An Android phone can't normally be a Bluetooth stream receiver, but maybe someone's written an app to do it.)
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    BONUM FACTUM New Member

    Hi, thanks for your response. I will check my Samsung TV but doubt if it has a streaming function inbuilt. This is something for developers to think about as it is a common issue and may become a bestseller if solution is found.

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