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  1. androidgirl13

    androidgirl13 New Member

    can some help me. I updated my SE x10 mini pro on Sunday. The audio on the phone worked fine, but when I woke up on Monday, there was no audio. When I plug in earphones, I hear the audio. I can't use my speaker phone because of this. My phone is unbranded.

    I have the U20i model
    phone Software info:
    GENERIC User

    File System Version:

    S1 Boot Version
    1229-3593 R8A029

    ETS Sofware Version:

    Customization Version:

    Content Version:

    Type #:

    I have resetted the phone so many times and nothing seems to work. I hate to have to purchase a new phone, if it cannot be fixed.:(

  2. bazlug

    bazlug New Member

    I have the same problem. Could anyone help you with this?
  3. GroverD

    GroverD New Member

    I have the exact same problem. Although the problem did not happen exactly simultaneously with 2.1 update. The speaker died about three weeks later. Sounded blown out one day... stopped working completely the next day. Headphones still work.

    I have tried reinstall... gone into service mode for the sound test... nothing no sound.
    Phone is 90% useless without any audio for rings, nav, songs... anything.

    Anyone comes across fix, please post.
  4. androidgirl13

    androidgirl13 New Member

    so I ended up sending the phone to get fixed.

    First I send to some company in the US. Since my warranty is in the States, that is why I had to send there ( i live in Canada). Then once it was fixed i would send it to my relatives in the states who in turn sent it back to me.

    I sent the phone to get fixed back at the end of Nov. After numerous calls to sony ericsson, they said the phone was fixed. This was in the beginning in january. They said they were waiting for part, and that was the reason for the long wait. They then shipped to my cousin's us address. It took a while for the phone to reach me. Once it did, I was so excited to get the phone back.

    However, once I turned the phone on, I heard no sound. After everything I went thru, the phone is still no fixed. I have not had the phone long, maybe 2 months and that was it. I was so angry. I then called sony ericsson, and at first they wanted me to do the same process as before, but this time i would not have to pay to ship there, but my cousins would have to pay to ship back to me. So then I remembered the manager I dealt with, and she informed me that she would look into it, and said they I might have to send it to their corporate office and have them take a look at it.

    So now I sit and wait. I am so disappointed in this phone. It seemed like such a great phone, but now I am regretting purchansing it.

    however, the only silver lining to it, is that I don't hate the android operating system. I still think its awesome.

    So sorry to all who has had the same problem as me. there is no way to fix the problem unless you send out for repairs. if they say to send to some company in Bloomington, IN (for sony ericsson owners in the US), say no, cause I don't think they fix things properly. as in the case of my phone.

    take care everyone:(:(
  5. RG Hatch

    RG Hatch New Member

    I have exctly the same phone, after it updated to 2.1.1 it went silent, i've reset, reinstalled the update to no avail, i called the support line, all they said was take it to your provider for warranty.....what a piece of s***t.....

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