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  1. brhermon

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    Ok so I've researched for hours. Written emails. Tried out apps and I now I've either figured some things out or are running in circles. Hopefully someone can help. There's A LOT of content here, trying to figure this out the best I can, so to get straight to my questions, scroll down.

    Issue: Audio (on phone calls, mp3 playback or notifications) is choppy, cuts in and out or won't play at all. Crackling from the speaker can be heard. I believe this to be due to faulty hardware / software involving the headphone jack and the phone mistakenly believing it's been plugged in or unplugged. More on that below.

    Other Similar Issues:
    Now I realize there are similar issues that have been mentioned before. But I'm beginning to wonder if there are similar yet different issues that are perhaps being blurred together among us users.

    Yes there's a one way audio issue which I believe can also be referred to as the mic mute issue. I believe this to be a separate but sometimes confused to be the same issue. As I understand it, this issue involves the microphone no longer working so that the person on the other end of the call can't hear you speak. Meanwhile you can hear them perfectly. toggling the mute button has seemingly no effect. Additional sounds (audio or notifications) function on a hit n miss basis per user, again I believe anyways.

    A second issue is the pop or crack issue. Users have reported after several seconds of clicking on the screen they hear a second sound. Some of stated it's the "touch sounds" option, others have stated it is indeed a sound that shouldn't happen. Again, I believe this to be a separate issue.

    My issue, while like these is different and really where I need help. These could theoretically be linked in one way or another (headphone jack).

    More on my issue...
    The Problem:
    I'm currently on a locked, non rooted Verizon Galaxy Nexus running 4.0.4 IMM76K. I began running into these problems about two weeks before receiving the IMM76K OTA, on 4.0.2. My earphone speaker (not the rear speakerphone) crackles or pops (during calls or even just dormant), audio cuts in and out on phone calls (eventually completely), notification sounds repeat/overlay/skip and my music (Google music or Amazon MP3, both streaming and local content) just stops playing on its own. Attempting to restart it results in either it playing again but only for a second or two or the music's playing (by observing the tracking location) but no audio comes out whatsoever. Granted a mixture of these problems happen one time or another, not necessarily all at once.

    The Theory:
    After some research and seemingly finding confirmation by xda members Melhouse and dmwoods I believe my issues are a result of the phone mistakenly thinking the headphone jack is being used or not. Some of theorized that the cause is due to cell towers / poor reception, but I'm not convinced this is the culprit. I used Tasker to notify me each time a headset plug in / unplug is detected. Since doing so I'm seeing my phone do it frequently. Much more than I was originally aware (doing it silently without crackling) To confirm my findings, I installed this app and it confirmed what Tasker was telling me. My phone is definitely detecting plugging and unplugging.

    Attempted Resolutions:
    First I tried restarting the phone, it helped sometimes at first but now rarely helps so I've stopped trying. Then I went to where I started my research, XDA. I tried XDA's Melhouse's headphone.apk but it didn't cure the problem. Though I did notice it reroute with each incoming/outgoing call. I then tried Wired Headphone/Headset Fix (while on 4.0.2), and tried toggleheadset2 (after on 4.0.4), hoping either would fix my problem which sounds similar to everyone else. They've helped some, but I'm still experiencing these problems, even after the 4.0.4 OTA. And as I understand it, IMM76K was supposed to fix the "choppy audio, clicking noises and one way audio noises" Verizon is talking about the issues I'm having .... right!? :confused:
    When experiencing the crackling and cutting in and out I've remained on the call, went to my homescreen, touched the widget changing it to "allow or on" then touch it again changing it back to "reject or off" hoping that this quick toggle will fix it. Unfortunately, that's not the case. Doing this during calls rarely helps. When I experience no audio during mp3 playback, toggling the toggleheadset2 widget does however bring back the audio so that I can hear it.
    I've also attempted other proposed solutions including: I also tried fixes I read in various forums including cleaning out the jack with compressed air, plugging and unplugging a jack into it (normal and forcefully), smacking the area of the phone where the plug is and using a pen's ink tube or other object to try to depress the trigger in the jack. All with no real effective results. I also read somewhere about doing a battery pull and removing the sim card, replacing the sim card, or even hard resetting the phone, but others who have attempted those fixes stated it did no help. Others have even reported that they have problems regardless of being rooted or not, software version or even ROM version. That almost has to point towards it being hardware related, yes? I also had a theory at one time that the placement of the vibrator motor in the phone is what caused damage to the jack connection. If you notice on the CDMA version (image 21 & 22), they are only an inch or shorter from one another on the same board. However after disabling my haptic feedback entirely, I still had problems. I've also read by users that some have said if you have a hardware revision 9 phone, you're more likely to experience this problem than a hardware revision 10. However others have stated this doesn't matter.
    Needless to say, I'm finding some resolution during audio playback or calls thanks to the apps, but nothing permanent. And none of these seem to stop my phone from crackling / detecting plugging when my phone lies dormant. The only resolution that I can think of is: Is it possible to develop an app that effectively disables the audio jack completely? The app would mimic essentially disconnecting the headphone jack connector cable from the main board inside the phone. I'd actually rather have this phone with no jack whatsoever than some of the other phones out there. Do you think this can be done? I'd try it myself but have no knowledge of Android app development.

    My Questions:
    Am I correct in the different issues here? Though similar are these all their own issue or have I mixed / confused some? If I'm right and there are others out there experiencing the same as me, what resolution have you found? At this point I feel my only option is to exchange the phone. I DON'T want a certified like new (CLN) phone though, because from everything I've read, Verizon's CLN phones are basically crap too. Not to mention, other people I've read who have exchanged their phones ended up having the same problem again on their replacement phone. Has anyone been successful in complaining and receiving a brand new phone as a replacement? Or have I no choice but to ditch the Gnex entirely and get a Droid MAXX instead? Does anyone know of a an app that entirely disables the headphone jack? Can one be developed? (in doing so, I believe that could fix the problem) Is there anyone out there with any advice for a fix to this or how to go about doing it? Man... if there's anyone out there who could help, I'd GREATLY appreciate it!

    Research References:

    Verizon Official Update, and a question... - Galaxy Nexus - RootzWiki

    No media sound on speaker

    Weird sound (everyone should report).Google page to report the issue - xda-developers

    Audio stops functioning occasionally - Page 3

    Issue 24019 - android - Galaxy Nexus mutes mid-call - Android - An Open Handset Alliance Project - Google Project Hosting

    Issue 22307 - android - Galaxy Nexus Speaker clicking noise (running Android 4.0.1) - Android - An Open Handset Alliance Project - Google Project Hosting

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  2. edge

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    Sometimes they can give you a new phone. I believe its after 3 replacements...
  3. brhermon

    brhermon Well-Known Member

    Anyone else care to chime in?
  4. bhill

    bhill Well-Known Member

    LTE version on Vzw, unlock/root, 4.0.4 IMM76K
    Phone is from day of release on Vzw.

    I have the exact same symptoms that the OP described, and this just started happening in the last week or so. Nothing has changed in my ROM/Kernel/Radios in that time.

    I have installed the Wired Headset Routing app/widget as well, and I can tell that it's "trying" to override the phone's desire to route sound to the headphone jack, and sometimes it succeeds, sometimes it doesn't.

    The best example of it is if I watch a video, say on YouTube. With no headphones plugged in, the video will start playing, either with or without any sound. Then, at some random point, it will pause the video, and if I hit Play to start it again, the opposite sound condition exists (e.g., speaker now vs nothing before).

    It will then pause again, and when I hit play again, the sound routing has switched.

    However, if I plug a set of headphones into the jack during this same video playback, the sound stays locked in on the headphones, and the video doesn't randomly pause.

    This is very frustrating, as the same symptoms occur during phone calls, which makes my SmartPHONE basically useless as a phone.

    I guess I should call Vzw looking for a hardware replacement, as the apps don't solve my problem.

    Any other thoughts? OP, did you have any luck?
  5. brhermon

    brhermon Well-Known Member

    Well bhill, I hate to be the bearer of "bad news" but I returned my phone for a replacement. I posted this thread, did as much research as I could but just came up empty more or less. That or the phone's behaviour became untollerable and I had no choice but to act. They sent me a certified like new phone, which I wasn't crazy about but so far it's been awesome. Although my first phone was awesome for the 6 month's I had it until I started having the same problems as you.

    With my new phone I've kept my Tasker troubleshooting profile active so I can continue monitor things should my new phone start acting up too. I will say this, after everything. I have to believe this is a hardware defect. In hindsight, I didn't always use the headphone jack. Then started using some headphones with it, which may have coincided with my problems starting. Now with this new phone I REFUSE to plug anything into the headphone jack. I personally think that the headphone hardware wasn't built all that well and using the jack only worsens it. I figure if I never use the jack, I won't start start the ball rolling so to speak.

    I'm truly sorry to hear about your problems and hope you find a solution! Keep me updated.
  6. bhill

    bhill Well-Known Member

    They're sending me a new (certified) GNex tomorrow...
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    I had very similar issues to the ones described above, so I am not going to repeat them. It seemed that audio jack was detecting continous plug/unplug.

    I live in a humid part of Spain, plus I used my Galaxy Nexus with an arm strap-on to do my workouts, yep, you know what that is like, sweaty.

    After trying many things one day I thought maybe the harware pin in charge of detecting plug/unplug was damaged by humidity and/or my own sweat. I had a close look at that first pin just on the right side of the jack connector (screen facing downwards) and it was a little rusty. I got a needle and scartched it... VOIL
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    Same exact issue. I tried that app (S ound A bout), which seems to fix the app audio problem, but it seems to cause extreme lag (I think the app is causing it, but I'm not sure) and the call audio problems still exist.

    This issue is brutal and has crippled my phone.

    My manufacture date is 02/02/2012

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