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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mrjiggs, Oct 21, 2010.

  1. mrjiggs

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    Oct 21, 2010
    Ok so ive made a few mp3 files out of old NES (nfs) music files. when i play the mp3 on my G2, i only hear one of the channels of the song, usually the beat beat side is louder then the music side. its weird. I tried converting to a mono mp3 file with same results. When I listen to nes music via youtube however, it sounds like it normally should. Any ideas on what to do? thanks

  2. Frisco

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    Hello mrjiggs, and welcome to Android Forums.

    You mention your device as a "g2," so I've moved your question out of the Lounge and to that device's section for you. Let me know if it's the MyTouch and I'll place the thread there; the idea is to get as much exposure to other owners of the same phone so a more informed response can come to you.

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