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Audio hiss through headphonesTips

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  1. sikejsudjek

    sikejsudjek New Member

    I'm posting this as a solution to this problem in case it helps anyone else.

    Great phone, but the one thing that has really annoyed me is the constant hiss over in ear headphones.

    If anyone else is experiencing this the way I fixed it was to get a separate extension lead with volume control. Bump up the volume on the phone, turn it down on the extension cable's volume control. Result the volume through the in ear phones isn't deafening, and the hiss is gone.

    Alternatively getting higher impedance headphones will also work. In ear headphones tend to be low impedance and will show up the noise problems more. I suspect most smart phones suffer from this. Too many RF signals buzzing around !

  2. Nick G

    Nick G Well-Known Member

    good to hear that you can work around it,I'm thinking of getting the phone myself. Anything not so good about this phone?
  3. Dellboy2012

    Dellboy2012 Active Member

    This problem can be solved by unticking DTS in audio settings.

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