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  1. DJ_Sky

    DJ_Sky New Member

    Hi all, first post here

    Like many, many others, i've been at the edge of my seat waiting for the S2 to be released in the US. But i was extremely surprised by some reports on audio quality; for a flagship multimedia phone. I've tried googling for an answer to my question, but can't find one.

    I place great value on audio quality, i will spend hours over an equalizer to get the perfect sound, and plan to use my phone to review music pieces i make in DAWs. I'm also a power user. The S2 fits the power user, but does it perform well in the audio department?

    I have heard that the second gen Galaxy S phone sports a mediocre Yamaha chipset, while the first gen Galaxy S has a Wolfson. Right now im using a 2 year old chinese phone, and im putting up with it because of the relatively good audio quality (Meizu M8).

    So my questions are, where does the galaxy s2 stand on audio quality? How will a normal person rate it, and how will a person experienced with sound quality rate it? Perhaps on a scale 1-20?
    Or if anyone has an alternative device/music program to recommend, i prefer android (powerAMP :p)

    I understand a good pair of in-ears will make all the difference, so could i also know what type of headset/headphones you are using?

    Sorry for the book i wrote on a simple question :p i know im asking quite a bit


  2. gme109

    gme109 Well-Known Member

    I own the original Epic, and I'd say the sound is great for voice calls. You're never going to get great sound for music, out of the small speakers in any of these devices. The most you can hope for, is good voice quality, and the Epic has that in spades, as does the S2. For music, you'll need a good set earbuds, to get any kind of real enjoyment.
  3. DJ_Sky

    DJ_Sky New Member

    Thanks, so you don't hear a loss of audio quality in using the S2 versus other devices (through headphones)?
    I understand that all speakers that small will never be any good for anything but hearing someone's voice. Im looking for audio quality through headphones, and while i own a pair of very good ones i can hear a notable difference when they are plugged into different devices due to different audio chipsets, so im concerned that the S2 is using a chipset that isnt exactly as stellar as the rest of the hardware.

    I know im being picky, but chances are ill be stuck with my next device for at least a year and a half, so i want to make a good investment

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  4. Damar1979

    Damar1979 Well-Known Member

    I actually like the audio quality. Especially if you are talking about through headphones. The stock choices in the equalizer is rather good. No complaints
  5. kgbeezr1

    kgbeezr1 New Member

    I was really concerned about this too, as i've had plenty of phones with poor sound quality (HTC's, Blackberrys, even Sony Ericsson Walkman phones). Usually the biggest issue I notice with phones is roll-off at the lower end of the frequency spectrum and overall clarity/channel separation...not the case with this phone though. I was surprised in a good way overall by the sound it reproduced. I also have a Droid Charge with the Wolfson chip and have used the Voodoo kernel/Voodoo control app with it, and aside from louder volume with the Voodoo app, I would be hard pressed to tell the difference between the two devices. The Epic 4G still gets plenty loud, produces a good stereo image and has some air and space to the sound (but not synthetic), it doesn't sound compressed or strained. The equalizer ruins the sound as far as i'm concerned. I don't think you'll be disappointed (with the sound quality anyway). I returned mine for reception issues, haven't decided if i'm going to try another, I definitely want's a beautiful phone if you can get a signal.

    To test sound I use full-size Sennheiser HD280's. Not exactly high end, but not junk either.
  6. gme109

    gme109 Well-Known Member

    Correct, I haven't heard the S2 with headphones. The Epic sounds pretty good with headphones, considering I'm listening to either MP3's or Pandora. Hopefully the S2 is at least as good.
  7. DJ_Sky

    DJ_Sky New Member

    Thanks all for replies.
    @kgbeezr1 Yea, i was mostly concerned with the Yamaha's chips performance in reproducing the lower frequencies, cause sub bass can make a huge difference in the flow of music. if you can hear it :p

    Does anyone know if the chips are/will be different between SGSII Epic Touch on Sprint vs. SGSII on ATT vs. SGSII on T-mobile?


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