audio stream on wifi from pc to android phone?

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  1. danielol

    danielol New Member

    Hi there,

    I lige watching movies on my computer, while im laying in my bed, but the cord from my headset is too short. is there an app where you can turn your phone into a wireless headset throug wifi so you can play the movie on your pc and get the sound through a headset you plug into your phone?

    BR. daniel.

  2. andreaspreg

    andreaspreg New Member

    this is a great idea, i'm looking for an app like this too...
    Any suggestions?
  3. I think Orb can do this, but why not just get a longer cord? has 12 foot cables for $1.02 and 25 foot cables for $1.92. If you do find an app to do it, it will be delayed from the video.
  4. danielol

    danielol New Member

    sure i could buy a longer cord but that's not an answer to my question. i asked for an app to solve the problem. and i dont think it will be delayed. if the bluetoothheadsets out there can do it, i bet that wifi would be even better cause of the higher dataspeed.
  5. Palmetto Fellow

    Palmetto Fellow Well-Known Member

    Is there a standard out there for audio over WiFi. Bluetooth has that standard (A2DP), but not sure if WiFi has it. If not, then somone will have to create it, and that may be why there are no apps yet on the market.

    ALso, the EVO is probably more prone to sending audio over WiFi or Bluetooth. Not that it has to be, but sometimes manufacturers can't see past their own audacity, and it could be that the EVO never was deisgned to capture and play audio from any of the radios...rather, it's role is to send audio over those radios. Again, this is speculation.

    You'd be happiest with bluetooth headphones, and a bluetooth dongle for the laptop (cutting the EVO out of the equation).

    Can the EVO act as a Bluetooth headset? If so, then you don't need the headphones. But as mentioned, did HTC ever envision the EVO being the headset ("slave") in any given bluetooth pairing? I've honestly never tried. Can you have a bluetooth phone discover and setup the EVO as a bluetooth headset? If you can do this, then you can have what you want (only over bluetooth, not WiFi)
  6. georgie3

    georgie3 Member

    Hi, I've just released an app that can do what you ask. See the free version of SoundWire,

  7. georgie3

    georgie3 Member

    I don't use AudioGalaxy, and I'm not sure why you need an account with them to use their app. However I believe that AudioGalaxy and many similar music streaming apps are simply file servers. You must own the song as an MP3 or other music file format.

    SoundWire is different: it captures and streams audio, it is not a file server. It uses a special protocol to minimize latency. That means you can use it to transmit any audio from your computer live to your phone, especially streaming audio services like Spotify and Grooveshark, or streaming video services like YouTube (audio portion). You can also stream microphone or line input from your computer directly to your phone, e.g. hook up turntables and stream a live DJ set.

    I use Grooveshark or Spotify almost exclusively now for my music, nobody needs to collect huge music libraries these days...

  8. william88

    william88 New Member

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