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  1. hbvanschoor

    hbvanschoor New Member


    Am trying to play music on HTC Magic via bluetooth over the car stereo. I am able to control the phone's music player via the car stereo but no sound.
    Call control works fine over the car stereo via bluetooth.

    I have tried my wife's Nokia and it plays music with sound via the bluetooth over the car stereo.

    I have checked and HTC Magic does show the bluetooth is connected with phone and music.

    Any ideas why there is no sound?

  2. wakela

    wakela Member

    I play music over the car radio via a bluetooth connection to a Jabra device. Once a good connection is made it's stable, but it can be tricky to establish. I've had the situation of no sound coming out, and I can usually fix this by disconnecting and re-connecting AND killing the music player task and restarting it.

    Also, if you long click the car connection on the bluetooth setting screen it gives you the option of connecting phone audio and/or media audio. Make sure it's set to both.
  3. bgoody

    bgoody Well-Known Member

    Have you turned up the media out volume on the phone?
  4. hbvanschoor

    hbvanschoor New Member


    phone audio and/or media audio is both showing as connected.

    Media volume is turned up - even shows that it is playing via bluetooth when turning the phone volume up.

    And I can control the phone music player via the car stereo - just no sound.
  5. hbvanschoor

    hbvanschoor New Member

    Phone has recently been updated to Froyo version and now it works perfectly over the car stereo via bluetooth.

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