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  1. CharlieCharlie

    CharlieCharlie Active Member

    Hi, I've got lots of Audiobooks in m4b file format that I listen to on my ipod.

    I'd love to be able to ditch the ipod all together and listen to them on my Desire. Problem is that I they aren't supported atm.

    Is there a program/app out there that will help?

    I'd ideally like them to remain as m4b so that it will remember my positions and keep the chapter formatting etc (which is obviously all lost when converting to mp3)

  2. Karolis

    Karolis Well-Known Member

    I think the only way at the moment is to convert it to MP3 and then use an app like MortPlayer, which will preserve track position.
  3. CharlieCharlie

    CharlieCharlie Active Member

    Thank you, just as I feared :(
  4. Ghâshûl

    Ghâshûl Well-Known Member

    Try renaming the file to m4a, that's supposed to work, and then I haven't tried this but it's supposed to have the features you mentioned with remembering chapter and such:
    Ambling BookPlayer - Bringing books to life
  5. CharlieCharlie

    CharlieCharlie Active Member

    Thank you, will give that a go
  6. Lukehluke

    Lukehluke Well-Known Member

    There are a few audio book apps on the market.
  7. sparkinsonic

    sparkinsonic New Member

    hi,I just copied m4b ,aac files to my htc desire,running 2.1,added them to media folder via pc,then downloaded filemanager from android i can find the files......and play them.hope this helps you to
  8. DRHowells

    DRHowells Member

    Just to add to what was said above, I rename my m4b files to m4a and they play perfectly on my Desire. I use Mort Audiobook player, which I have found great for my needs. Automatically bookmarks the current location of the book you are listening to when you close the program, great for those really long single file books.....
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  9. simpleton1a

    simpleton1a New Member


    Tried what the fellow above said, pressed F2 and changed the ending from m4b to m4a. Works now, but you have to use a file manager to find it.

    hope that helps.
  10. lennylew

    lennylew New Member

    Just confirming if you copy them to the podcast file, download the file manager from the market and rename it m4a you can listen to it in the music app
  11. theshaner

    theshaner New Member

    As the title states. It is a good player and supports chapters
  12. Piercefix

    Piercefix New Member

    Good news, VLC beta for Android just came out. I think it will be able to play .m4b's I'm trying it now
  13. kemjaxon

    kemjaxon New Member

    All I had to do was download file manager and it works for me now. Without editing extension

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