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Augen GenBook 74 Mini NetbookGeneral

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  1. GatorDude

    GatorDude Member

    I bought an Augen GenBook 74 mini netbook computer from Kmart last week for $99. It's a pretty interesting new toy and will suffice for light wi-fi web surfing and e-mail checking. I've posted a complete review here: Augen GenBook 74 Mini Netbook.

    The device uses Android 1.6 and the interface is a small keyboard and a touchpad. One major annoyance is that many apps change the orientation of the screen from landscape to portrait and the touchpad controls to something like -- up is right, down is left, and right is up and left is down. It's not surprising since Android 1.6 is designed for phones and this device is not a phone. Developers should know that the device does not appear to have an accelerometer.

    Can anyone tell me how to re-orient my screen without re-booting? So far, it seems to get re-oriented back to normal if I open some of the other applications. However, that is a bit inconvenient.

  2. RedPen

    RedPen New Member

    There is an app called "RotateD.apk" (cynosurex.application.RotateD.apk )Just Google "RotateD.apk. ... Download & Install the RotateD.Apk. Find it on the Extended Desktop. You wil find 2 new Apps RotateL and RotateP. Drag RotateL to your Desktop.

    TIP - Use USB Mouse: If you use a USB mouse with your GenBook74, you will have a better experience.

    Tip: If you are stuck in Portriat, turn your mouse sideways, it will help navigation a bit.

    Tip Navigation: If you have a hard time selecting the lower apps on the ExtendedDesktop, try this: Click on the ExtendedDesktop, click the LeftArrow key, then click the LeftArrow key. You will be able to move down and around the ExtendedDesktop.

    ALSO: The YouTube App will force your GenBook in Portrait orientation, just click on "Home" then open the YouTube App. It will force you back to Landscape orientation. Then LongHold the Home button and click back you your app.
  3. nintendo3ds

    nintendo3ds New Member

    If you lock the screen, it will work. i got mine for $89.99.

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