Aurora DC Input connectionTips

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  1. garyasta

    garyasta Member

    I am thinking of purchasing a 5v 2a charger input for my Ainol Novo 7 Aroura II but am unsure of the input connector size. Anyone any ideas?

  2. bubbasd

    bubbasd Well-Known Member

    start with DC Plug 2.5mm x 0.8mm

    correct me if im wrong the port is same for
    NOVO7 Basic
    NOVO7 advanced
    NOVO7 advanced II
    NOVO7 Elf
    NOVO7 Elf II (own this charger model LA-520 ,UK plug)
    NOVO7 Aurora I
    NOVO7 Aurora II
    and Novo 7 Fire / Flame
    and ebay is a great place to start searching for chargers.
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