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  1. fury-s12

    fury-s12 Well-Known Member

    hi, i am trying to update my optimus from 1.6 to 2.1 but am running into all sorts of issue all of which come from lg's updater program

    it doesnt matter where i get the lg support tool from (locations include lg aus site , link from voda to lg aus site or any other site aus or not)

    firstly occasionally (seems depedant on where i get the support tool from) it wont even recognise that the phone can be updated so the bar doesnt turn red sayin start update

    for the times it does pick it up properly the update itself gets to about 40% of the cheackin S/W version stage and then pops up saying the phone version dosnt support an update and quits

    the phone itself is dead stock with no rooting or anything and has been tried in both debug mode and normal mode
    one last note is that the version of the lg support tool ive got inatalled atm doesnt even recognise theres a new version of android avaiable for the optimus :S

    im outta ideas on how to get it to work so if anyone else has anything to add please help

  2. filoflavaz

    filoflavaz Member

    im having the same problem, however the LG website does say that the update is temporarily unavailable!

    Anybody know when it will come bac online?
  3. hec805

    hec805 New Member

    The update 1.6 -> 2.1 is widthdrawn. No idea when it is coming back. Local LG support promised to send me email when it is available again.

    Which LG website tells the update is temporarily unavailable ?

    Edit: this one:

    It was not like that when I checked it one or two days ago and when I tried to search some help to solve what is wrong with update tool :p
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  4. filoflavaz

    filoflavaz Member

    Thanks hec.

    I cant believe they withdrew it. did your LG rep say why?
    Im hoping it comes back before christmas im meant to give the phone as a gift and want to update it.

    Can you go to the phone store (3,optus,vodafone etc) and get it updated for a fee?
  5. fury-s12

    fury-s12 Well-Known Member

    oh that is so annoying ive literally spent two days trying various copies and version of programs to get an update working with no luck woulda all been avoided if theyd just made that message show up in there updating apps!

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