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    Feb 17, 2013
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    I have read several other forums and have also Googled the issue I am having and I can't seem to find a straight or correct answer to resolve my problem.

    I purchased a new Android 4.0 Trio 4.3 Internet Tablet today. I cannot get it to work with my Verizon Fios wireless Internet connection. I continued to get an authentication problem. Most of the other forums mention that this happened to them after an upgrade or that it comes and goes (the connection). I havent been able to establish a connection at all although other devices in my house are connected.

    My connection is WPA2 PSK secured. I have turned wi-fi on and off, I have tried the password several times. I have turned the device on and off. I have chosen the "forget" option a few times. I am at a loss and am quite honestly considering returning this tomorrow as the amount of time I have invested in this so far isn't even worth the cost of this device.

    If anyone has any sure fixes for this, please share. Thank you!

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    Sep 22, 2010
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    Given that this is a cheapo tablet, more than likely the WiFi is faulty and fluky. Cheap devices like this can often have WiFi connection issues. Not a lot you an do about it either apart from RMA, and returning it for a refund or replacement.

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