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  1. takirb

    takirb Well-Known Member

    Is there a way to set the phone to auto-answer? Even better, only if using bluetooth or headset? I've gotta bluetooth headset that fits in my motorcycle helmet, and i'll be taking a long trip tomorrow. It'd be nice to be able to set the phone to auto-answer, i can't fit my finger in the helmet far enough to hit the call button with gloves on

  2. AndroidMax

    AndroidMax Well-Known Member

    Auto Answer the phone free. It's an app in the market.
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  3. C3Pdr0id

    C3Pdr0id Well-Known Member

    All the features that are needed, as always, are in the paid version of that app.
    I'm really surprised there isn't an OEM stock setting for auto-answer like other os's have
  4. sunshineman68

    sunshineman68 Member

    I have a Droid, and of last week I HAD the auto answer with blue tooth on, and I it has worked for the past year. I was taking some calls the past couple of days and had no auto answer, so I thought I might need to check where I turned on this feature, and I can't seem to find this feature, and it is driving me nuts, because I know I had it, and have used it on my motorcycle. So I don't what has happened in the past week, but I can't seem to find where this feature was on my phone, does someone out there have an idea of what is going on...............
  5. sunshineman68

    sunshineman68 Member

    Well I found the answer, sort of by chance, but non the less I found it.
    What you need to do is when the dialpad is up, you hit the key on the bottom far left, and choose setting, and there you shall find the setting for auto-answer............................:)


    Well the Sunshineman just got a replacement Droid, and he could not figure out how to get to auto answer setting and by searching I found my question I submitted last April 2013, so maybe someone else will gain from another attempt for me to find an answer that I knew back in April 2013......
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  6. peterk67

    peterk67 New Member

    FYI, on my phone the settings for the dialpad is above the numbers on the right hand side with the 3 vertical dots
  7. Linzmeister

    Linzmeister New Member

    Hi Sunshineman,
    Which version of the android OS are you using?
    I am currently on an old phone with 2.3.6. It doesn't have the auto answer setting on the dial pad. I use the "Answer the Phone" $$ app to auto answer calls. Works best with a line out into the car stereo or if the BT is on for the entire ride on the bike (read flat phone battery). Because the headset is predominantly receiving not transmitting, it's battery lasts longer than the phone and can stay on permanently for the ride.

    I've got a Scala Rider Q2 system (Bluetooth and line in) and a Tom Tom Rider GPS on the handle bars which is BT also.

    I am working on writing a smarter app, but making time for it is not easy at the moment.

    I want to:
    Detect when the headphone line is connected and disconnected to automatically enable the app when connected (done) with option to enable/disable this feature.
    Listen to music/podcasts via the line out (automatic default).

    When the phone rings I want the app to:
    Detect the incoming call (partially done)
    Stop the media player (automatic default)
    Turn the bluetooth radio on (done)
    Connect phone audio to the Q2 via GPS
    (not started .. I need to read more about BT protocols and also ability to connect directly to the Headset to accept/reject a call) and
    Answer the call based on user's HFP responses (not completed) and
    Route the call audio to the Q2 (not started) via the GPS (the GPS forwarding is handled by Tom Tom because the GPS is phone aware [Hands Free Profile, Headset Profile] but not A2DP enabled). The GPS has the ability to display the caller name if the phone address book is copied to GPS [PBAP] ... with accept reject buttons etc.

    When the call ends, I want the app to:
    Turn the BT radio off to save battery power and
    Re-route the music to the line out... and restart the media player... which ever one was in use before the phone rang!!

    Not at all ambitious for my first app.

    I've got a setting for preferred BT device (from the list of paired devices) to shorten the connection time. I tried several apps from the play store and they would start but would take so long to connect that the call had been diverted to voice mail before connecting the call to the BT.... FAIL !! I have got a setting for the number of rings which should allow me to extend the ring time before diverting to prevent missed calls while connecting to BT.

    Sometimes I think buying a new phone may be easier.. ;) but the old one ain't broke apart from this missing feature.


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