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  1. StinkyMojo

    StinkyMojo New Member

    Since the ICS update, it seems as if the the auto brightness function is faulty. Has this happened to anyone else?

  2. fatdaddysnacks

    fatdaddysnacks Well-Known Member

    I alway turn auto brightness off and use the brightness button in the scroll down notification bar to adjust as needed

    But in certain applications like the browser it has been a little off at times
  3. StinkyMojo

    StinkyMojo New Member

    Thanks for the reply. I reset my phone and now it seems to be working somewhat decently
  4. un1ocked

    un1ocked Well-Known Member

    it's random, mine also didn't work... i'm sure that this is bug
  5. wishfull1

    wishfull1 Member

    Auto brightness is crap on ICS. I am ready to go back to Gingerbread. I can't name anything I *really* like with ICS. I was all geared up about this Lucid and all the talk about ICS. Kinda disappointed.

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